Update on Mom...

So the great news is she is doing much better.  She was moved to a convalescent home on Tuesday.  She was a bit anxious, but after the move she settled in.  She is staying at: Topanga Terrace in room 225.  She is so excited to see visitors and seems to be much clearer in her thoughts and logic.  She is writing very well and is maintaining good conversation and staying on topic.

When I came in today, she was sitting on the side of the bed with the occupational therapist, and got the biggest smile on her face.  It truly warms your heart to see your mom come back from such a weakened state to have such an amazing expression on her face.  The Occupational therapist said Agneta sat up on her own and said she seems very anxious to get started on getting around.

Her chest sounds fantastic and she has minor mucous that she is coughing up.  Today they replaced her bed with an air mattress and she got her toes done and they gave her a foot massage.  Christina and I both joked with mom that she may want to stay at this property and not come home as she won't be getting that good of treatment when she comes home.  All three of us laughed in the process.

Uncle Don has been bringing Poquito, the infamous chihuahua, to see her every night.  At first he didn't recognize her because, well truth be told, she smelled like hospital.  Yesterday was much better and he was excited to see her.  Don said he was wagging his tail and smiling.

Mom's roommate is a very sweet woman named Gertrude and she always gets a big smile when i come in to visit.  Apparently, Gertrude had a stroke and is doing much better.  She went out to physical therapy today.  Her sister brought her back in and Gertrude said, "Well im a bit more exhausted than normal now"  She is always concerned to know how mom is and Gertrude's sister always asks how mom is doing.  I always tell her, "getting better every day".  She smiles and and pats mom on the feet and gives her a thumbs up.

I am just glad that mom is pulling through.  Her spirit is strong and the prayers and thoughts have been a true blessing. Thanks to all the family and friends for your amazing support.  I am blessed to have each of you in my life, and indirectly, so is my mom.

So from me to you, make sure to wish your mom a super Happy Mothers day this Sunday and if your mother is no longer with us, make sure to light a candle in her honor.

Until next time...