At the airport...

I am in the airport and aside from watching the mishaps, the first time travelers, the girls in their sweats and uggs, nervous travelers that fidget through their things a hundred times to make sure they have everything they need for their flight to visit family or friends, the businessmen looking at their smart phones to see what deals have gone down in the past 5 seconds, or the obnoxious guy who talks on his phone at levels that would make a deaf person hear, the truth of it all is we are alone on our journey.

You can fill your life with all the people, things or stuff that you can possibly afford, but at the end of the day we are soloists on this flight. To that end, we may feel that we make a difference in this big expanse of a universe, but in reality, what we do won't amount to a hill of beans. You could be the most successful businessman or woman in history, you could be the wealthiest person in all the world, you could start up the most amazing charity in the world and truth is none of it matters. When you die, your memory may be kept around for a while, but the reality is that you will be gone and forgotten.

Im not saying that you won't do good while you are here and that you will have a great heart in the journey of doing wonderful deeds, but in my observations, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are here...present in this journey. Admiring the insanity of it all, the joy, the wonder, the happiness, the sadness, the ups, the downs, falling in love and getting your heart broken on a daily basis, observing a sunrise or a sunset, being grateful for beautiful flowers  or trees on your way to work, reading a touching article that makes you cry, sharing a story with someone that makes them laugh, or maybe just appreciating a piece of music that you have never heard that sets your soul at peace or makes you want to get up and dance.

In my opinion, our sole purpose is to just be.  Being present in every moment (good or bad if you view things that way).  Make sure you show up every day.  Try to avoid the feelings of inadequacy because they affect your energy flow and lower your vibrational frequency.  Like attracts like so if you are in a constant lower vibrational pattern, you are going to find yourself in "like" situations and surroundings.  We have one life to live and regardless of what we do with that life, we have to make sure we are just "being"

May you be here and present on this day.

Until next time...