To my amazing mother

Dear Mom:

I haven't told you in the last day how much I love you but I do.  I came and saw you on Monday, but you were asleep, probably because of all the meds you are on for pain.  You looked so peaceful and I didn't want to wake you, plus you probably needed the sleep.

I wanted to tell you how strong willed and persistent you are.  I know what you are going through is not easy.  Your comment the other day about "preferring to have triplets than the pain in your mouth" made me realize how painful your situation is.  I wish I could waive a magic wand and make it go away.  I hate seeing you in pain.

I love the conversations that we have when you are awake.  Your spirit is so strong and you are so sarcastically funny that I have no choice but to laugh and smile when I am with you.  I love holding your hand and being by your side.  I know I can't do much, but I hope my being there soothes your pain, if even for a little while.

You have done so much for me and I wish i could pay it back.  You gave birth to me, you comforted me when I was sick.  You helped me with book reports that I didn't want to do, or failed to do because I didn't like reading.  You always told me how handsome I was in high school whenever I dressed up for a dance and you always reminded me to keep my elbows off the table, eat with the proper utensil and never drink milk from the container.

I love you for all the reasons listed and a million more.  You are wonderful and I love you so much and pray daily that the cancer leaves your body.  Im not done with you and want you to be around for a while.  I think there are a few more things I need to show you and that you need to share with me.  I hope you are resting peacefully on this day and that the cancer is not too painful in your mouth.

I love you for so many reasons, both known and unknown.  I look forward to you beating cancer again.  You are the best.

Sincerely--your son