Tuesdays thoughts...

Have you ever noticed that when you speak or hear a positive or encouraging thought, it stays with you?  Like when someone gives you a compliment, or congratulates you on a job well done, or appreciates who you are in a moment?  What about when someone does something good for you, or you do something good for someone else?  I used to make it a regular point in my life (once a week) to buy the person behind me coffee in line or maybe buy their breakfast.  I have to admit that I was being selfish.  I enjoy doing stuff like that and it makes me feel good, not just for that moment but sometimes for a few hours, a few days or even a week.

Defining yourself isn't as easy as saying that "well I had a shitty childhood" or "I haven't been the best mother or father" or "I am an alcoholic or drug user".  It starts with this moment right now and moves forward with you.  Your past only defines you when you allow it to.  You should remember to stay in the moment and not project your shortcomings into your future.  The future isn't written in stone, nor should you think it is.

You can choose to "hate" or you can choose to "love", the bottom line is the choice is yours.  Where do you find yourself more often, hating or loving?  What feels better and which would you prefer to revel in?  The more you love, the more you get back.  The more you hate, the more you become hated (specifically by your mind).

Moments come and go and you have to be cognizant of where you spend them.  If you are feeling the love, then you are sending it.  If you feel down and depressed and unneeded,  more than likely, you are sending that energy out.  Remember, we are all energy and we vibrate at a certain level, the higher the level, the appreciated you feel, the more you are attracting that high level energy.  The same goes with the lower your vibrational energy, the lower you feel, the more you attract that lower energy level.

Become aware of where you are and make the most of it.  If your not where you want to be, change your energy level.  The rewards are exponential in either direction you choose.

Until next time...
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