This is how I looked turning 40
I still smell of smoke from the casino and chlorine from the pool.  The room was a wreck when we left it and I am sure the maids will be swearing in some language other than English when they enter the room.  I am sure it is not the worst they have ever seen.  The days were much shorter than I actually remember them.  Worst of all, we missed the Soundgarden concert, however in the grand scheme of things, its all good.

Did we have a good time.  Hell yes...its what you do when your turning forty.  You have fun and party like its 2099.  Long days at the pool and food with great company and awesome friends, one old and several new.  My problem or my curse is that I meet people everywhere I go.  You either love me or hate me, but either way, you will always remember me.

At one point in the trip, i woke up naked, couldn't find my phone, my wallet and didn't know where the hell I was.  I swear I was ruffied.  After gathering my senses, and finding my belongings and realizing that we were only 5 hours late in attending the concert, i threw some pants on, and sat on the sofa and just laughed.  Why is it when we come to vegas we get silly and move away from logic?  Why is it that its more acceptable to make an ass of yourself here then it is anywhere else?

Noah had a hellacious time and lets just say that at some point both of us were woken up by security at the pool.  Noah didn't look that good at 145 in the morning when we decided to go to Mr. Luckys and grab breakfast.  Seems we weren't the only one with this brilliant idea.

I may need to check into the Betty Ford clinic when I get back to LA.  I don't know how my liver function is if it is at all, but I think I did it up for a lifetime with this trip. Who knows, I may be saying this again at 50.  I do know that all we have is right now, so live it exactly that way.

Perhaps I have a problem, or maybe I am just allowing myself to grow old semi gracefully.  Would I do it again, hell yes.

Until next time...
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