BlogHer 2011: Registration pre day

So I wasn't sure what to expect when i came on site.  I knew this conference was about bloggers and had something to do with technology.  I didn't quite understand the culture nor what to expect.  Its funny how when you don't have expectations, you allow yourself to become WoW'd, as I like to say.

I jumped in wherever necessary, trying to field questions and working some pre day events.  I got my lay of the land and where everything was going to be set up between the Marriott and the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC).  I didn't understand my role 100% but came with the understanding that I would jump in when and where necessary.

I had the opportunity to work the reg desk with some AMAZING people.  All very talented and considering that it wasn't prepped that well, we were able to make it work.  We tried to curtail the lines, and keep smiles on everyones faces.  I have been doing events for almost 15 years and in my experience, the quality of the event is directly related to the participants.  Everyone, including the frustrated traveler, on this program has been exceptionally nice.  Even in the midst of madness (the red desk was a cluster and lacked the organization that I like to see), people maintained their cool and were able to break out a smile here and there.  After jumping in and helping create some semblance of organization, I began to get into my groove and then it became about interacting with the participants: Making them smile, recognizing their name, helping them find a sense of direction and timing, and helping them laugh if necessary.

I left registration and walked back to the Marriott at about 9pm with a fellow staff member.  She dropped off her stuff and we proceeded to the evenings events.  After grabbing a quick bite to eat, (btw I have to say that I have always eaten exceptionally well at the Marriott Marquis here in San Diego), I began to watch the people and the crowds. I began to realize that this particular event is more than a conference but an annual reunion of online friends.  I began to realize that many people forego the traditional yearly vacation to come to this event to meet friends, network and relax.  As I walked around the room and was introduced to oodles of people, I realized how incredibly warm and welcome the participants are at this event.  All smiles and very happy to meet you and share a story with you, after all, they are bloggers.  I began to realize that there was no judgement anywhere to be found, just love and acceptance---everywhere.

I realize that this conference is about people and connections.  Two things we can't live with out, well sunshine needs to be in there too so don't forget that.  This conference is for bloggers, but in reality, its for anyone who has a passion for writing and connecting via technology.

Until next time