Movie Review: The Change up

4 out of 5 stars
Synopsis:  Dave Lockwood, played by Bateman and Mitch Planko, portrayed by Reynolds are friends that have known each other since grade school.  They grew up together and went separate ways after high school, remaining to be friends throughout.  Dave took the "driven" path and ended up with a family, good job and nice things, where as Mitch never really committed to anything.  One night after a guys night out and literally pissing in a fountain, they wish for each others lives.

Review:  I loved this movie.  I loved the chemistry between the actors, the actors themselves and the premise of the movie.  Sure it has been done a dozen time in films, but this was a modern day, prince and the pauper meets "Its a wonderful life".  At some point and time we have all wished for someone elses life, whether its for a second, or a day.  This movie explores that possibility to the fullest and makes you really see what it is like to be on the other side.

I really have to commend Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, not only for being true to form (Reynolds was very much true to Van Wilder in this movie), but for being able to make the switch so convincible.  At some point because of the way they speak and act, you actually feel like they have switched bodies.  I would highly recommend this movie for a laugh your ass off event.  I found myself laughing minutes after some of the lines had been delivered.  Not only was I laughing extremely hard, but audience members of all ages were laughing aloud with me.  Make sure to go see it if you need side busting entertainment.

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