Movie Review: Our Idiot Brother

3 out of 5 stars

Synopsis: This is the story of an idealistic man who, by process of sheer honesty and being himself, begins to ruin his sisters lives.  He is an every day guy that may not fit the norm of every day life, but in his heart he means well.  His honesty is extremely forthright and his naivety is often times unimaginable.  In the opener he gets arrested by selling weed to a cop, because the cop confesses he is having a bad week and Paul Rud, who plays Ned, feels bad for him and gives him weed.  To make matters worse, he ends up taking 20 dollars from the cop.  After serving 8 months for good behaviour, he comes out to a world that he still remembers but that doesn't really exist.

Review:  This was a very well done movie by director Jesse Peretz.  The casting was very well chosen and the characters seemed to flow.  The story line was consistent and this movie had some great one liners as well as some really funny parts (If you go see it make sure to stick around til the end as there are some great out takes).  I wasn't laughing throughout this movie, but I did see myself in this movie.  He was a very laid back kind of guy that didn't deal well with drama and basically assumed that mankind is inherently good and that it is in our best interest to assume the same.

There were some parts that could have been left out, or condensed such as him getting, his dog Willie Nelson back.  Also the arrangement between his ex girlfriend was at times drawn out.  There is an anger scene during charades where Paul lashes out.  I think it goes in line with his simplistic lifestyle and can be interpreted in a number of ways.  In general, its not the best movie but it is definitely worth a watch...on DVD.

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