Steve Jobs increased my quality of life

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So Steve Jobs stepped down at Apple this week.  Everyone has heard it, tweeted it, retweeted it, google +'d it, +1 it and face'd it.  I decided to write this weeks blog about it.  I don't know Steve personally, but I feel like I do.  I own a mac, I have read many of his quotes and seen many of his product launches.  Mr. Jobs has had fundamental impact in my life.  Did he get me into blogging, not really. Google helped me with that.  It was actually my 10th grade creative writing teacher that inspired my passion, but Apple made me enjoy it more. I feel like I have a relationship with my mac and can confess my life here in my blog because of my mac.  As I write I become one with the machine and the ideas begin to flow.

Steve didn't invent the internet, his company has made it better, for me at least.  I became a mac addict just over 4 years ago with my first macbook (white), then macbook aluminum, macbook pro and now MacBook air.  I love the fact that I can just open up my mb, find a wifi signal and begin to share some of the trivialities in my life, like music, movies and thoughts.  Sure I could do this on any platform, but I really feel a connection to my MacBook.  I love sitting down and punching in my thoughts and sharing them sometimes with an unknowing or expecting audience.  With that being said, my thoughts and prayers go out to Jobs.  I am not sure if personal health kept him from being able to continue with Apple as CEO or if he just needed a break, but whatever the reason, I salute him for doing all that he has done.

He helped to revive a brand and helped us all to connect in some way or another.  Whether you own a mac, ipod, ipad, use itunes, have an iphone or know someone who does, you could agree that the reach of apple products is far and wide and due in some part to Steve Jobs and for that we are all thankful and in some way better because of it.

Until next time...
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