Do you love your life?

Life sucks sometimes, let's face it.  You wake up in the morning and you feel like you haven't slept in weeks, you don't have enough money for your bills, your late for work, forgot to make the kids lunch, spilled coffee all over your favorite shirt.  You know the routine, but the truth of the matter is you can see beyond that if you choose.  Those scenarios don't have to rule your life.

Every person has the ability to choose his or her path.  Some people choose easy while others choose to follow the path that is meaningful and right for them, full well knowing that it is going to come with speed bumps and all.  The truth is that you know your purpose.  The question is "Will you follow it?".  You know that little voice in your head (can also be heart or stomach), is there for a reason and when you follow it, you begin to see more clearly.  Doors begin to open and roads that didn't exist begin to pave right before your eyes.

But what seems to happen is we tend to throw doubt at that voice.  We say we should not listen to it or our mind begins to tell us that we have another agenda.  That once resounding little voice that showed us the way becomes silent and begins to flicker, and we eventually begin to feel lost.  We loose track of time and forget what is meaningful in our lives.

Don't silence that inner voice, that intuition, that deep seeded knowledge, as it is there for a reason.  Begin to accept that it knows what you need when you need it.  We were never promised sunshine and roses and the struggles we go through make us more appreciative on the other side.

You have the choice today, this moment to make this the best day of your life.  Will you?  Listen to that voice.  What is it telling you today?  Is it the voice of reason or is it a random misguided thought?  The reality is: Today is your day.   Love it as you live it and treat it as if it is your last.   Get the most out of what you are doing and remove the resentment.  Most of all, listen to that little voice...

Until next time...

Chad BordesLifeComment