failure or life lessons

We have become a society that is addicted to success.  Everything we do seems to be judged on a success based principle.  If you don't succeed at something, you are a failure.  I don't like to call things "failing", just like I prefer not to say that a thing is "good" or "bad", but rather it just is.

Often times we have expectations about the way something should go and if we agree with it, we call it a success, and if the outcome doesn't agree with our expectation, we call it a failure.  I like to refer to those instances, good or bad as life lessons.  When something doesn't agree with your expectation, it was probably never deemed to turn out the way you wanted it to.  There are certain things you can control and certain things you cannot, my advise is learn the difference and love the ride.

Nobody seeks to start a project, venture or business and have it fail.  The truth is it doesn't fail, it just doesn't have the universal blessing to continue.  My belief is that timing is everything.  When timing is aligned, things seem to flow as they are supposed to.  Begin to look at things as projects.  You take on a project and when that project is done you move on to the next project.  If the project doesn't take the shape you had originally expected, maybe it wasn't destined to be and most importantly, don't take it personal.

Enjoy the process and don't get bogged down in outcomes.  Learn to walk through this life noticing the things that really matter and letting go of the things that don't.

Until next time...
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