Taking a step back...

Sometimes in life we have to take a step back and re-assess where we are in the world and in relation to people.  To often I get involved and vested in people that I don't know that well and begin to ingest their problems and in that process, I lose myself.  Its similar to the reason that I decided not to get into a relationship so many years ago, after my ex and I broke up.  I found myself to emotionally vested in the relationship and forgot about myself. 

I find myself much more at peace right now.  I have found a more normal sleep pattern and seem to be getting my 8 hours of sleep, unlike my normal 5-6.  I wake up fully rested and without lots of anxiety in my life.  I have been spending my days getting ready for my grandmother to come over from Sweden.  I am working on getting her room painted and getting the wood floor down.  I feel re-connected and energized.

I have felt the call of being a healer in my life.  I also realize that because I vibrate at an energy level higher than most, that people whose vibrational energy is lower than mine, are attracted to me.  This can lead to problems because they can drain your energy.  This happens when I became emotionally involved.  I had a good friend texted me up and pointed out some things that I was Naive to or not allowing myself to truly see.  This is a huge thank you to them :-)  I also realized that I was never recharging and just slowly depleting.  Its one thing to be a candle whose flame is transferred from one to another, its totally different when your out of wick.

Life goes on and I am still here.  I appreciate my days upon this earth and cherish every breath.  I just had a very close friend, who was heavy on my mind and I decided to text them.  She responded by saying, she didn't know how I did it.  She advised that she has cancer and has been better.  My heart sank.  I asked if there was anyting I could do and she advised nothing but pray.  Again, I am reminded that this life is a gift and there are no guarantees.

I hope you all have a great holiday season and I plan to write more now that I have free time on my hands. 

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