I write, i rhyme...

I listen I learn, i grow I yearn

I need some accomplice, to help me sort it out

I need the light to break the dark

I need to love to break the lies

My beliefs limit my abilities

My thoughts drown out my passion

devoid of ideas, yet full of doubt.

I wish i could remember who i am

Don't try to find it for its not there, rather build it as fair as you see

dont listen to the haters, especially in your mind

ride your neon bmx bike and show them what you do

be that nurse or that gardner the best you can be

bum that cigarette light as if its your last

enjoy that sun as it beams on your face

text that message to the friend you love

use that youth as if it will never cease

be yourself and write your own

rhyme those lyrics like they are well known and feel the passion overflow

notice the clouds, see that tree

make sure you take the time to breathe...
Chad BordesLife2 Comments