Perfection seems to be a term that so many people are striving for today.  I hear all the time, Im not there, but I am close or Im getting there.  Perfection is a far off goal that so many reach for as if it is some destination.  You have to have a perfect painting or the house has to be perfect or he or she has to be perfect.  It looks and feels as if we beat ourselves up over stuff like perfection.

My most recent experience with this was putting my aunts floor in her office.  It was relatively simple and making sure you get your first cuts straight are very important, which i did.  There were a few, three to be exact, cuts that were not 100% perfect.  I was beating myself up about this and would cut another board and put it in its place only to find that cut was a little off as well.  The seams wouldn't line up exactly.  The more I worked it the more frustrated I got.  I finally got a cut that was good enough for my taste and said, "good enough"

When I awoke this morning, I went to look at the job I had completed and I smiled.  All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bowling balls.  I don't want perfection in my life.  Its too much to have to deal with and in reality, the fact that the floor isnt perfect, is my signature.  My cuts are my signature and I can look at the job as a job well done and completed and be happy with that.

This is true of life as well.  I don't claim to have all the answers and I am not perfect in my advice, no one is.  I can however, say with some degree of certainty, that I affect everyone I come in contact with in a way that makes them appreciate certain aspects of their own life more than when they met me.  Do I feel like I am going to cure the world of cancer or fix world hunger, not so much, but what I do believe is that I am not a fan of the perfectionist lifestyle.  I appreciate that my cuts are a tad off and that my advice sometimes may be as well.  To strive for such an unobtainable goal is counter productive and you may be missing the adventure in doing so.

Until next time...
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