The dark knight rises and me

So I have to say, I saw the Dark Knight rises the other day and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. Christopher Nolan, once again, proved his ability with this one. It dragged at some points but not enough to lose my attention. It had great character development and Bane...well he is amazing. Best villan ever and Nolan even did a twist which i never saw coming.

As I watched this movie I began to see myself in the role of Batman. It starts off 8 years since Batman's last appearance. He is aged and weathered (as I am). Bruce Wayne has been quiet and in the shadows for 8 years because its a peace time. In one of the intro scenes, Bruce meets the infamous catwoman, played by none other than (drool) Anne Hathaway, and instantly you sense and feel the chemistry.

Alfred, played by Michael Cane, gives several riveting speeches in the movie and one of them struck me to the core. It was, and forgive me about butchering this, but a heartfelt speech about how (alfred) wished that Bruce would get away from gotham and meet someone. Bruce was hanging around because of the loss of the love of his life and waiting for some madness or mayhem to happen in Gotham. Alfred said that every year he would take a trip to italy and order the same drink and his vision was that he would look across the cafe and see Bruce sitting at a table across the way with a beautiful lady. In essence, he was saying that Bruce didn't need to save the world and that there was a whole world out there to see and that life was meant to be lived.

As I watched this I got emotional (I know really????) and started to see similarities between me and Bruce. I don't have to save shit! I just need to be me. I try to do good and occasionally someone gets hurt along the way. My intention is good. I don't have the desire to hurt anyone...ever! My life is meant to be lived and I need to forget everything that has ever happend in my past. It just doesn't matter. It creates walls that should never exist. Life is meant to be lived, throw caution to the wind. Just because we have had stuff happen in our past, doesn't mean we have to take that crap with us. I guess some people like me, like carrying backpacks. Well its time to empty mine. I don't need that burden anymore.

I came here to love and help heal and sometimes it seems that I miss the mark, but It never means I stop trying. If I have every hurt you or you have felt wronged by me, I apologize, it was not my intention. My life is meant to be lived. Empty your backpack and stop living in the fear that it can be taken away, because it can't, it was never yours to begin with.

Thanks Dark knight for opening something up in me. Go see the movie if you have not. I loved it and it reaffirmed my belief in life, love and a great director, Christopher Nolan.

Im off to the dentist to get my permanent crown and then road trip up to Pebble beach and beyond. My life is meant to be lived, not dwelled upon. I am here, I am now, I am love, I am healing, I am light and I am able.

Until next time...