Apple vs. Google, Google vs. Apple why all the fighting

So today in the Wall Street Journal, the article is  blazing about Tim Cook, CEO of apple's apology to all iOS 6, and iphone 5 users about the "not so great" mapping application.  They are now offering solutions such as other mapping applications and Google even told iphone users that they can still use maps on the iphone through the browser. Mr. Cook also suggested other mapping apps such as bing, mapquest and Waze to name a few.

This war will continue to wage over the years and consumers will have to listen to the rebuttal and allegations from both sides, much like our current election year.  This is a topic that has been overplayed and makes headlines daily.  Good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and left vs. right.  Its about creating partisanship or loyalty to one brand or the other.  My thoughts are, lets find a compromise.

There is no doubt in my mind or anyone else's that google and apple both make fantastic products.  Experts on both sides would agree.  I have used both and was an iphone user from 3 to 3g.  I loved them both and still love apple products.  I type this blog on my macbook air.  There are amazing features that both products have.   For instance, I do love how smooth the integration is between the phone and the music and pictures on iPhone and mac.  I also love how smooth my google email and contacts and pictures sync up with my samsung sIII.  I also love that when I add a song to my iTunes, it syncs automatically to google music in the cloud, much like itunes is doing now with iCloud.

What I don't like about the two is the constant battle for marketshare and who is better.  Neither is better.  Just like I am no better or worse Abraham lincoln.  I have my strengths and my weaknesses.  Iphone and Apple has their strengths and weaknesses and so does Google and Android.  Its my belief that there are commonalities or themes that should be shared among the two, or maybe cross working platforms between the two so that WE the consumers get the best experience of our choosing.  Remember the rivalry between Apple and Windows?  Yes it still exists, however microsoft saw a way to market its wares to apple users and began to invest money in joint infrastructure.  They began to work with mac to have a better integration into the apple OS.  The result, a far superior office product that works seamlessly across mac and windows.

I hope that this trend begins to migrate between apple and android, for example with Maps.  Iphone users love iPhones, Android users love Androids, so find the common ground and work from there.  There was nothing wrong with Google maps except that pesky name Google.  I for one love both products and think they have revolutionized how we do business and communicate with our friends.  Lets push the companies to make what we want, not what they think we need for us.  We are the ones after all driving their stock prices.

Until next time...