you just can't...

Make someone love you.  No matter how hard you think it, will it or ask the universe for it...It ain't happening.  Relationships run their course, one person may hang on while the other may flee.  Communication is a key component and you have to make sure your communicating at the same level.  My professor, Robert Donofrio, once sat in our "Drugs in the Human Body" class and asked us, "Do you hear me?"

Many of the students said "yes, loud and clear" and then he repeated the question, "Do you hear me?"  You see he wasn't looking for a correct answer, for I believe he was looking for individual responses.  You see the ear is complex and because of this each person hears something differently.  It could be the tone that makes each of us hear something different and how it gets processed.  Its one of the very unique characteristics of humans.  Animals of course use sound for a multitude of reasons that I don't want to get into, but much of it is either listening for food or making sure they aren't prey. (On a side note, most of us seem to text anyway so we never know what the hell the other person is saying :-)

I feel its imperative that you start off on the right foot.  I can say this with certainty as I feel that my last attempt at a relationship, I wasn't clear or didn't express what i needed properly.  Instead i shrugged it off as "we communicate differently", which we do, however its finding the common ground that makes us work in a relationship.  Its like what can you live with in a car, meaning when you go to buy one, what do you need vs. what is not really necessary.

If you don't communicate with someone, or attempt to in any fashion of the word, well then you better be a damn good mind reader and last i checked there aren't many that can.  Make sure you know what you want and express that to your partner.  If you don't, it becomes a major guessing game and that is no fun.  Always trust your intuition because it doesn't lie.  Its a gift that we have to learn how to harness.  Start listening to it from now on and finally, "Never make someone a priority that makes you an option"

Until next time :-)
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