Holidays, feelings and forget it

Okay so this blog is going to be short and sweet.  I was reading back on some of my blogs and wow, some of them are mini books


Here's the 911, the skinny the deets.  I'm not a fan.  I have shared this several years back and want to revisit it.  To me the holidays are about spending it with the ones you love.  As I have gotten older I realize that family may be a missed idea on me.  I didn't procreate and therefore the family I have is aunts and uncles and aging grandparents.  I would love to spend a Christmas with my family, but that may not happen in my life.  Any takers on wanting a family.  My swimmers are healthy :-)


I have realized that feelings suck sometimes and the only way to combat them is to get out there and do shit.  I do this in the form of doing for others.  I am a giver.  When i stop giving, i start to ask, "whats in it for me?"  WRONG.  When you do stuff for others, don't look for a return on your investment.  Just do it.  I have a theory and it goes like this, "The more i focus on me, the more I think.  The more I think, the less I act, the less I act, the more I begin dying"  Get off your ass and do some good for others if your stuck in feelings and head space.

Forget it

You can't fix shit from two minutes ago.  Accept it the way it went and move on.  If you don't forget it, you go back to feelings.  Sometimes feelings are good, like when you see a cute puppy or a cute baby and it evokes a warmth in your soul.  Many times, I find in my own life that feelings suck, especially when you dwell on the "not so good ones"  I of all people know its hard to walk away, but sometimes you have to.  Like someone told me, trust your intuition.  One of the best ways to "forget it" for me is music.  I am so connected by the music I listen to that it vibrates/resonates loudly with me.  Try it sometimes.

Have a great holiday.  I may try to squeeze some more blogs in between now and the new year, but If I don't have a happy holiday and remember that every day breathing and healthy is a good day.

Until next time...
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