Midnight mass and me

So I am not church goer, although, there is one church in San Francisco, Glide, that will always have my heart.  The spirit works in amazing ways in that church and if you haven't been, please go.  I digress as I always do. So last night, I was invited to midnight mass by a friend.  My head was telling me to say no or not even show up, but my heart said "go".

I listened to my heart as I always do.  The church was very beautiful and very packed.  The catholics take their mass seriously :-) .  The service was what I remember Catholic mass to be, ritualistic and sometimes mundane.   I stood up, I sat down, I sang, I stood up again, I kneeled and I finally prayed.    I didn't pray with my eyes closed but rather a short prayer of "Whats my work here?"  As you know sometimes the answer comes quickly and other times we have to wait.

My first observation/answer came quick.  It was basically that all the people there were gathering in a house of love and compassion.  As I looked around, I saw families  smiling and laughing, I saw old people sitting together and enjoying the message, I saw new lovers holding hands and kissing and I thought, "This is where I need to be at this moment"  We gather in love and have hope for the future and that's what, in my opinion, everyone else was there for.

My next observation/revelation came as I was dropping my friend off.  She doesn't have family here and this was her second christmas alone.  She gave me a big hug filled with love and said,  "Thank you for coming to the service with me.  It really meant a lot and you made my holidays because of it"  I realized that its not always about me and that being there for others can be just as much of a blessing as say getting a gift you really wanted.  Its a feeling of warmth and love that cant be measured, but rather felt in the heart.

On this holiday, make sure to tell the ones you love that you do love them.  Have an attitude of gratitude that others can see when you walk by.  Be thankful for everything because it is all a blessing that has bought you to this point in your life.  So for all of you that I haven't talked to in a while and those that texted, tweeted, facebooked, kik'd, and google plus'd this morning, I love you and am thankful for everyone of you.  I wouldn't be here without you today.  I am blessed and grateful.

Happy holidays

Until next time...
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