What is your gift?

Somedays I'm a writer, some days I am a dreamer, somedays I am a lover and other days I am a healer.  I don't think I could be just one thing.  Can you?  Many people have the dream of becoming one thing and doing it very well.  I tend to be of the belief that life is an erratic array of capes that we wear.  I am not condoning those that desire to only wear 1 cape because we need those individuals.

I often wish that I was divinely inspired to write on a daily basis and have messages that move people in their core.  As it really happens, I find inspiration every so often and share the essential nuggets of knowledge that I have gained an share them with the world.  I know my heart is good and I want to channel that goodness to the masses.  I guess you can say I believe in the Love Utopia.  I believe that we are shifting our beliefs and conscious thought to more in line with love and light, after all it is why we are here.

There are days that I can't write and dream of what this Utopian world would look like.  Other days, I just give my love to the world and see how it responds.  In some ways it responds with overwhelming love and compassion and other days, I think I am not sending the vibe out loud enough.  I become overwhelmed with sadness and dispair.  I lose myself in a mountain of emotions and find that I have to dig my way out.

On the days that I don't feel know what I am, I become a healer and wounded souls seek me out.  Out of the blue I will meet someone who is drawn to me and we begin healing each other (whether you believe it or not, most relationships can be mutually beneficial, unless they are emotional and energy vampires in which case I highly recommend you put up your guard and save your emotional and energy reserves).  In this year I focus on the gift that has been given to me which is healing.  I have run from it too long and now wish to dwell here and learn all that I can.  One conversation and one individual at a time, I want to help the world be the greatness it truly is.

What is your gift?  Are you using this gift to its potential?  You may have several and that is awesome.  Make sure you are listening to what the universe is saying in order to harness your gifts.  Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find.  We are all born of greatness and its up to us to fulfill that destiny.  It doesn't help our cause to belittle the wonder inside of all of us.  Be great!  Stand up and embrace your gift.  The world needs you now more than ever!

My motto: Hope, Faith and Love

Until next time...
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