Memory loss

Your probably thinking, "Where is he going with this?"  Memory loss can be debilitating, crippling and traumatizing ordeal for everyone that goes through it.  I am going to give you a different spin on this condition and how to apply it to your own lives.

Memory loss can be a condition as simple as not remembering a movie that you saw last week, or losing your keys.  It can be forgetting someones name that you just met a few days ago.  Sometimes it happens when we don't input it into our memory properly.  Without getting to complex, Im going to try and make this as simple as possible.  We travel through this life taking all the experiences we have with us, almost like luggage or a backpack.  When we have a positive experience or negative experience, we label that experience and put it in a bag of sorts.  We classify it and store it away for future use.

I have a new idea and that is to treat each day as if you have a form of memory loss.  What I mean by this is that if we want to have a truly rewarding experience in this life, we have to forget all the bad stuff or the stuff that we labeled as bad before we put it in our back pack.  Lose the backpack.  We need to embrace each day as if yesterday never happened.  You can take the good stuff from the day before and keep it with you, however we should be waking to a day that has never before occurred to us.  We should treat our friendships as if we have never seen them before, like they are a new and fresh acquaintance in our life.  I used to call this Alzheimers syndrome, but I don't want to put that negative connotation out there.

Forget all the bad experiences you have had and embrace each moment as new.  Wake up with a new found respect for the day and that today may be your last day.  Clutch each friendship as if you have never met and give them love and open arms.  Wake up next to the one you love and cherish that moment as if it is the first time you have ever seen the beauty of their sleeping face and the magic of their breathing.  Enjoy your coffee, tea or breakfast as if you have never had such a magical experience.  This is truly living in the power of now.  Don't look forward to anything, but be in awe of this moment, wherever you are and most importantly constantly give thanks.

Until next time...