Reinventing myself and why its so hard

So I have decided to go a different direction in life.  I have decided to pursue a life in technology.  I have always loved tech.  Whether it is a new phone, camera, computer, television or tablet, I love new gadgets and the technology that fuels those gadgets.  I have always been the goto guy when it comes to tech.  A perfect example is being at the coffee shop today and the guy next to me saw my two phones and asked my thoughts on them.  I shared and he appreciated the feedback.  A few minutes later he asked how to share a map location on the iphone with google maps.  I shared and he was incredibly thankful.

As many of you know, I am a tech geek and as my friend Jen called me the other day she said I am a technosexual.  I know have to figure out how to transition into this new life?  My father was in the travel industry for 40 years.  He started at 18 and died at 59 being a travel agent.  He had told me at 45 that he was tired of the industry and wanted to get out.  I told him that he could do anything he wanted.  He said that he was too old and that nobody would want to hire him.  I told him it was hogwash and that he could get a job anywhere.

I am now 41 and in the same boat.  I have done the same thing for many years and am looking to make the change.  Of course I will have to continue doing what I do for a bit, but as that has dried up this year as well, I have to begin moving faster than I thought.  I have to put the thought out there and hope the universe responds.  In the mean time I am applying with different companies on craigslist and on the web.  Another fear I have is, "what if this isn't the direction I am supposed to go?"

There are fears and anxieties and I just have to deal with them on a daily basis.  Moment by moment.  I wont know if I made the right step until I make that step.

Until next time...
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