Showing up

So I haven't really written that much lately.  Have been going through changes in my own life and "trying to figure things out" with me.  Have you ever tried to do that, I mean really try and "figure things out".  I am learning that you really can't. What you can do is show up.  Instead of trying to put everything in order, try just showing up.

I realize there are the "knowns' and the "unknowns".  The knowns are the things you can plan for such as taking the kids to school, running to the bank, paying a bill online, grocery shopping.  There are also the unknowns and those are the times in between the knowns.  They are a time to reflect or maybe even appreciate, never deprecate.  As humans we like to see the things we aren't doing rather than all that we are or even sit quietly.

I have a very hard time with sitting quietly, primarily because sometimes i don't like the silence, but what I have learned is that the silence needs to be there.  We need to silence our brains.  We don't need to go on 24 hour clocks. We can just show up and be here and not have an expectation of what is next.

Lately, I am learning to just show up.  People ask me how I am doing and I say, "I am here".  I don't have to be good or bad, Just be here.  I recently came to the realization that my company that I started is NOT where my heart is.  I thought because I was in this industry, that the next logical step was to move into a solo career  and do it on my own and do something "different"  My problem was "i thought".  It wasn't a vision and it wasn't obliviously clear .

I really don't have any answers and don't have much wisdom to offer except that sometimes not having the answers and not knowing is okay.  Its okay to sit in silence and "show up" as i do on a daily basis.  The universe has a weird way of putting you right where you need to be, when you need to be there.  I am not a guru or a prophetic teacher, i am just a dude wandering through this existence.  I take the days as they come. We don't need to be in a hustle to get to the end as it will be brought to us in due time.  Just "show up".

As i was writing this blog, this song came on, not by coincidence.  If you get a chance watch it and listen to the lyrics.

Love to all that have supported me and to my friends that are still around. You are all greatly appreciated.  Hope to have coffee, dinner or a chat with you soon.

Until next time...
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