Why i prefer g+ over facebook

Rainbow in the Bahamas

I have been in the social media game here ever since myspace and blogger opened up.  I took my entire journal and put it on line; good, bad and everything in between.  I truly appreciate what social media can do for connecting people, ideas and even fostering events.

I just want to briefly discuss why I am finding myself more drawn to g+ as the days go by, although there are numerous reasons, I want to focus on one that stands out like a giant sequoia in a field of newly planted pines: CONTENT.  It seems to me that the quality of the content and relevance of the content you are looking for is far more streamlined on g+ than it is on facebook.

On facebook, I get the endless barrage of checkins from friends going to places, that I will probably never go to,  with people that I will probably never meet.  They photograph their latest meal, or brag about the latte they picked up from Starbucks, or check in for their workout to let the rest of the world know they got pumped.  Lately there have been lots of "selfies" on there and I am still unsure how I feel about this.

I ascertain that, for the most part, this is where g+ is different.  It is more about information and getting connected to the right groups.  It could be about starting a new business and finding groups that are really passionate about it.  It could be following someone because they post some amazing and awe inspiring photos, or it could be that I find more useful information on g+ that educate and possibly inspire me.  G+ users seem to have taken the best ideas of the internet and say "what REALLY matters" and then after thoughful consideration post it.

Please don't get me wrong, I love facebook.  I go there to see what is happening, however, I find myself more drawn to the content of g+.  I am beginning to love the direction that g+ is going and maybe that is because I am not physical friends with g+'ers.  I am feeling that g+ is moving in  a direction that matters and engages others and not just in "one word comments" but thoughtful and provoking responses and is focusing on the "Us" and not necessarily "me".

If you haven't checked it out, you should.  The photos are amazing, the groups are fantastic and you can create sub categories for things that you really want to follow.

What are your thoughts?  Is there one that you prefer more than the other?  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Until next time.