maybe so?
 It is near impossible to find anything. I have applied to at least 500 jobs and had maybe 10 serious interviews and the problem with my resume: Diversity

I wasn't one of those people who decided that one thing would be good for me. I did/tried everything. I thought for sure it would help me down the road as I could adapt and jump into any field with a myriad of experience. I often say, I am a jack of all trades and master of many. Its a great slogan but it doesn't seem to be working. Why, you might ask? It seems like the companies out there are still under the impression that stability is better than diversity.

Im tempted to throw my hands in the air, walk away from it all and just wander the streets. It gets to frustrating to deal with. Who knew that being good at so many things would be a detriment. Man I am so glad I got my Masters degree, what a great investment.

Until next time

PS. Sorry that I am not as positive upbeat as normally, but I am highly discouraged. Have a great day!
Chad BordesLifeComment