Change should always be viewed as a good thing

Life in the rear view
So this year as many of you know, has been a very devastating one.  I went from being on top of my game and heading down a path that I thought (key word: thought) I was supposed to go, to being financially ruined and spiraling out of control.  All of this happened in the matter of a few months. It is my humble belief that because of sharing certain events of my life last November, I committed career suicide.  I guess my naivety with social media was looking at the good it does, while everyone else seems to focus on the negative.  I became an outcast in my industry. I may have lost the battle but I didn't lose the lesson.  My advice to those using social media is two-fold 1. Post the good, the great, the awe inspiring and leave the troubles, real troubles with your true friends and family via a phone call.   2. Know who your friends truly are.  No one gives a care that you are having a bad day.  Millions of other people out there are going through the same and possibly worse, however, they have the decency not to post it all over the place.

So after tirelessly looking, sending resumes and trying to get work (meaningful or otherwise) for the better part of 6 months, I have been unsuccessful in doing so.  Every job that looks promising turns out to be a "Thank you but we decided to go with another candidate".    I have also found that trying to find work on the internet is a useless cause.  Despite my feelings that social networking works, I stand somewhat corrected in that when applying for jobs, well it downright sucks.  Social media is a great way to really spread messages of hope or paint pictures as to what is going on around the world and behind the scenes.  I also feel that it can put us on information overload.  I don't need to know when you checked in to your gym.  I don't need to see the food that you ate, and I definitely don't need to know what your favorite coffee is that you get every morning and for god sakes, lets cool it with the "selfies", but I digress.  My humbled opinion is that social media can be used for greatness when we decide to use it for that.    I commend people like April Gulley and the Bernie Project.  April finally decided to act on what her heart was telling her and not continually listen to her head.  She decided to quit her job, begin a non profit to help kids in Uganda with the necessities: nutrition, hygiene, health and education.  This is the power of social media in action.

Back to topic: Change is a good thing and I am truly and experiential learner.  I have been invited to do something totally different in my life and help people make changes in their lives for the better.  I have no clue what it will lead to, How I will make money, what I will be doing, what I will do for work and millions of other questions, but thanks to a very close friend with an enormous heart as well as an offer she put on the table about a year and a 1/2 ago, I am going to make the leap.  I feel it will allow me to move into my spiritual side and get out of this monetary shit hole we call the rat race.  I feel in my spirit that nothing has worked as far as work because I am meant to travel and doing something greater.

I hope to have everything sold and liquidated by my birthday on August 1st. I may have to revamp and push back a little bit here to get my visa.  We shall see.  I will keep you informed of the greatness that is happening in the world.  The life changing events, the sunrises and sunsets and amazing moments when I can.  I am also selling everything so my social media connection will be very limited for a while.  You will still be able to leave comments on my wall, g+ me, email me and I have ported my number to google voice so I will always have my number that I have had for 13 years.  I will miss you all and not sure when I will cross paths again with you.  You have all influenced and inspired me in ways that I could never imagine.  You have taught me how to see the good in the bad and to wake up with hope rather than despair.

I will be looking for donations (very small) to help with food, minor travel  and Visa costs.  If you would like to make a donation, you can choose a donation amount here: Chad's Travels
Or you can mail a check : 6662 Brennan ave west hills can 91307

If you would like to learn more about April and the Bernie Project:

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You can learn more about where I am going:  Santosha Yoga Retreats

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