Back to OZ-2 weeks in tassie

So Bali has changed me, actually made me more self actualized. I feel lighter and less OF the world and more IN the world. The balinese are so beautiful, thankful and grounded. They truly are connected to the earth and it is so refreshing. It seems that we are so distant from our roots on this planet. Instead of loving her, we just use up all her resources.

I am more unsure of life now than I ever have been before. Everyone says that I am exactly where I need to be. I will take the universes word for it.  I know less now than I have ever known and I have to be okay with that. I guess I will work on my yoga practice. Its all I have at the moment. Be love, give love and show love.

I was back in the gold coast for two nights and now here in Tassie. The flight in was nice. I actually got to go to the virgin lounge in Melbourne. I had a very nice breakfast and coffee and then proceeded to grab several beers with my partner in crime , Hannes.

We drank until our plane was called. If you weren't aware, I am the drunken yogi. Haven't actually been drunk since my Bali days with my girls, Justine and Rebecca.

I really love those girls. So much fun and free spirited. They live their lives in the moment. Rebecca has an infectious laugh and smile and Justine has such an amazing spirit. I digress.

After arriving in Launceston, Hannes and I were picked up by the beautiful Terese. She drove us from the airport to the coast. Along the way we visited a friends farm. I saw some chickens, ducks and wallabies. I love wallabies. They are adorable.

After a quick visit to the farm, we headed 15 minutes south to Scamander. A quiet little town in Tassie. After settling in, we walked over to Terese's parents house and got introduced to Lindsay and Colleen, Terese's amazing parents.

We walked back to Terese's sisters house and then headed down to the pub. Hannes, Terese and myself had a lovely dinner and washed it down with a few pints of beer. After dinner we mozied back home in the crisp air and watched "World War Z". It was okay. I am sure the main draw for the ladies was Brad Pitt.

We called it a night and I was able to sleep like a baby in the guest room. Hannes made his way to Terese's nieces room and crashed on her bed (minus the niece of course). Elsie the doberman, found her way to the couch, and all was right in the world.

I will be writing more and posting more pictures in days to come. Much love and compassion to you all.

Until next time...
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