This has been heavy on my heart for a month and I woke up with the feeling that "this needs to be written today", so here I am. Many of you have been keeping up with my blog and realize that I have been on an amazing, unsettling, life changing journey.  It started when I sold everything I own to come to a place where I didn't know anyone (well 1 person) and not have any work (really) lined up, in order to take a class (Yoga right??? me doing yoga wth) that would forever change my path with one simple word that was introduced to me on a sunday morning by the lovely Randy Simpson (btw i get to see this beautiful gem today and i am so damn excited) and that word was "Mindfulness"

What does it mean to you?  What images are evoked when you hear the word?  What do you feel inside when you hear the word?  For me it is a constant state of being.  Its my awareness of everything I do, everything I see and everything I am.  To me its a way of coming back to self and being present of this life I am in.  Its about being thankful for every breath, every step, every sight.  Its about being present in this life that I have embarked upon, no matter how crazy and unsettling at times.

To me it is also about being conscious of those around me and my surroundings. As I have come to notice we tend to live in our lives sometimes in a bubble of cell phones rather than having a conversation with the person or persons around us.  We look down when we are on a walk rather than taking it all and embracing nature, the sights, smells and sounds.  Its about saying hello to a fellow walker when out an about and embracing our human connection.  In my humble opinion, our lives are about, embracing life, the good the bad and everything in between.  The human connection is so vital because think about what you are seeking vial all your social media outlets---Connections.  They are all around but we are becoming un-mindful of the ones that really matter.  Please hear me!  I am a huge proponent of the social media feeding frenzy, but I also recognize the divinity around me.  I would much rather have a real conversation with someone nearby (the physical connection) rather than a virtual one.  (I love my virtual family and if you are reading this you are part of that)

Mindfulness is action in all that you do.  Its about putting the seat down for the ladies NOT because you have to or you were trained, but rather because you are thinking of someone other than yourself.  Its about opening the door for someone coming or going, male or female.  Its about buying a cup of coffee or tea for someone without expecting anything in return.  To me mindfulness is making sure your watch where you walk so you don't step on ants or poo :-).  Its also about respecting others times when you are at a business meeting or teaching a yoga class. Mindfulness is about thinking about others and not just yourself. We have become a very selfish society.  Kids today move into a world of virtuosity because they don't want to face what is around them.  Its easier to run than to face whatever is there.  We have placed more importance on status updates than human connections.

I try to do everything from a mindful state.  Although I am the center of my universe, I also recognize there are others in the world with me.  I recognize and appreciate those connections.  Its not always about me.  I am in this world, I am a part of this world and this world is me.  On this day, challenge yourself to see the "you" in the world and how you really fit in.  Sit in a park or a coffee shop and watch life unfold in front of you.  Watch the people ebb and flow like the waves crashing on the shore and appreciate the connection you have to this place, wherever you are.  Do something in absence of self on this day.  Feel the connection to others and become "Mindful" of your life, of this life.

Hope you have a great day and learn to develop "Mindful" practices in your life.  Live this day is if it is your last and love the connections you make in this world as they are all important and precious.

Until next time...