Deleting Facebook Off My Phone

My cute little buddy..

So as many of you know I am a tech and social media junkie. I need to be going to TSMA meetings (Technology & Social Media Anonymous).  I have been and still am a huge proponent of Social media and technology when it works.  When it technology doesn't then it becomes another paper weight, and when social media, especially on my phone, is quirky, slow, or unresponsive, well then I delete you off my phone.

I am talking about Facebook, specifically for android.  I love their messenger application and in many cases, I use it as an alternate to texting, Facebook messenger or hangouts.  I am not a fan of the Facebook app and haven't been, specifically on Android for many years.  Why?  Its quirky and there are too many updates.  Seems like every day there is an update to fix stability or "performance" updates and in my humbled opinion, the app is moderate at best. The specific item I am talking about is having to like something twice. A friend will share a story that I find funny or amusing and I either want to like or share it, and voila, I have to like or share it again after the screen jumps up and I have to scroll down and find the post again.

I have noticed this to be the norm for the past few years and to me its just damn frustrating.  Yes I am sure many of you will say "get an iPhone"  to which I reply, I use both and I am a big fan of android due to customization. Now I know many hard core iPhone users will jump in and say, android is a crap OS, iPhone is far superior...blah blah blah.  I have heard all that before and it doesn't change the fact that I love android and it is my phone of choice. I have bigger screen, better camera (IMHO) and more customization.  

I feel like developers spend so much time on iPhone because its recognized or they feel that iPhones are more dominant, which they aren't (read here).  I think the reality is there is a strong need for both. about 50% of the people who own smart phones like iOS, the other 50% like android.  So lets start developing apps that share a flawless experience regardless of brand.  When an app, like Facebook stops working or becomes extremely buggy or freezes up, or has issues as often as I have experienced, then I get rid of the app.  Its no longer about connecting with friends or sharing good stories, its about finding them somewhere else and sharing in another way. And with that, I say Au-Revoir Facebook.  I gave you tons of chances but in the long run you didn't connect with me the way i needed you on my phone.

I will still share on Facebook from my laptop, I will still check in on friends to see whats going on, but my phone, where I spend a vast majority of my life, will no longer have Facebook on it.

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