A new favorite Website/App-Lettrs

As you all know, I am a tech junkie.  Yes I am overly connected and love meeting new people, making connections, talking tech, texting, tweeting, g+ ing, facebooking, blogging, pinteresting and "blowing grams" as my lovely Rands likes to say.  Its my addiction and I admit it.  Nothing beats face to face or phone conversations in my book. 

In todays world it seems we have less and less "personable time".  Well there is a new website called lettrs.  Its not really new its been around for a while, however they just released the iphone app recently.  I was told that we should have an android app sometime in the near future. (Android app is up)

Why do I love this site?  For me its about delivery.  We get texts, g+ mentions, hangouts, tweets, and facebook messages and much more.  Sometimes they are random, often times informative, but most of all, not very personable.  Well lettrs adds personality to each letter written.  You can choose from different styles and colors, add photos and with the iphone app, you can even sign it.  You have to ability to add it to g+, facebook, twitter and pinterest.  You can share your original thoughts in an original way.

I especially like to be able to personalize business communications and letters in this manner.  It is a little more time consuming but well worth it.  Lettrs is also so ingenious that you can even send the letter you write as a true post, and not just the virtual world.  Yes apple tried this a while ago and it didn't stick, this service will.  Its getting following and support and is growing daily.  

There is something to be said about being able to write a personalized letter, which we don't do anymore. There is time and effort invested in what format to send as well as what content to add. I highly recommend this app and hope you will check it out.  If you are interested, once you have signed up, write me a letter.  My post is P.O Box 37670.  I would love to get a lettr from you and hope you enjoy this indelible experience as much as I am.  

Until Next time