What you put in, you get out

We all want stuff in an instant.  We want a better job now, we want our relationships to be better now, we want more money now, however if you really want something, you have to work for it.  I don't know about you but, I don't want an easy life because I would get bored way too quickly

What you put into your life is exactly what you will get out.  If you put negative people, negative experiences and negative thoughts, you will get exactly that.

Experiences are key.  Get out there and experience.  You limit the possibilities when you stay stagnant. Movement is key.  Give in to to try new things and you will soon realize how amazing your life can be. 

Make sure you surround yourself with the best people, experiences and thoughts that you can.  When you devalue yourself, you will devalue those around you.  Make sure that you keep yourself as the driving force in your life.  Don't lose the value of you!

Work on things that matter, avoid the things that don't.  Some things can be fixed and others need to be left to experts.  Focus on what matters and stay there, all the while maintaining your moment, this moment.  Smile at the world, and it will smile back. For every thing that you think about will eventually move closer to you.  

This is a video/meditation that I do every day now.  Once in the morning and once at night and it really helps me to center.  Enjoy and have a great day