Why I gave up the drink (and other recreationals)

As some or many of you may know, I gave up alcohol about 3 months ago, including social drinking, after work cocktails and the occasional glass of wine at home.  The first question that everyone asks me is "Was there a problem?"  I think we all have problems to some degree with alcohol, but in my case no.  No acute problems that I was aware of.  To me it was more about the chronic, or long lasting effects that assisted my decision to give it up.  I choose to be present and aware, not aloof and/or ignorant

Im not gonna lie, much of my decision to quit was about overall health.  You see I don't like waking up anymore feeling like shit.  I don't like loading substances into my body, that yes at the time seem like a great idea, but then when you wake up 4 days later in Vegas with a destroyed hotel room and a headache that could take out king kong, you begin to realize that, you have a problem.  Im not saying I have ever had a hangover moment, although it was close a few times, my decision to stop was more about what I feel those substances were doing to my overall health and clarity.

I don't like waking up not remembering much.  My life is to be celebrated.  I want to wake up every day thankful for the things I have.  I don't like destroying my body for my body is my temple and I love me.  Its really that simple.  Start by loving yourself.  I have found that most people that drink or use recre drugs are trying to run from something that they can't stand to face.  Its easier to mask and mask and mask until finally your body responds with "Hey Im damaged and need some help here" or worse yet, "This damage cant be undone".  When you hide from something, it will always surface.  Sit with that shit.  Don't try and mask it.  Bathe in it, get angry, get sad, cry, yell, but just sit with it.  It can't hurt you and realistically your mind is the only thing that allows you to hurt yourself.  

I have become a #soberyoda and proud of that fact. I hydrate my body whenever I can.  I don't judge people if they choose to drink.  Some people are very responsible.  They know their limits and they stop.  I sometimes did not.  I don't stick around to the end of parties anymore to see who gets the most wasted.  I have some people ask me well then how do you hang around when people are getting obliterated.  My answer "center".  Just find your center and don't attach.  Make sure you know who you are and love yourself completely.  I could have "just one" but we all know that one turns into 3 or 4.  For me I would rather forego the temptation of going crazy and letting loose and maintain the focus and health.  

I appreciate who I am and where I have come from.  I have done the crazy stuff and have the stories to tell.  At some point I just decided to truly appreciate who I am. My drug now is caffeine and my drink of choice is water.  I choose to live the healthiest life possible for me.  Each one of us has to come to that conclusion. I still enjoy people watching and laughing, but the days of me getting hammered and waking up with a tiger in my room are long gone...until my bachelor party. 

Until next time...