Dichotomy of life

Disclaimer: I may have posted this in the past and if I did, please forgive me :-)
You can not be in this world and not be of it.  There are a select few that try to say they are above it all but in truth, they too are just trying to find their way.  The reality in our life is that we seek enlightenment without all the hardship. We must realize there is hardship and trials in this life. There is a fine balance between being grounded and airy. Some of us want to live the airy life transcending the things of this world, but in reality, we are born into and of this world. There are others who are so grounded that they become overwhelmed with the problems of this life, or even get so wrapped up in all the things of this life, they cant see the spiritual side of things. Challenges are seen as things that will never end and that situations will continue regardless of what the individual does or thinks much like "it has always been this way" The greatest obstacle in this life then is our mind and finding the balance in being earthy or grounded as well as being flighty or airy.  There has to be a balance that keeps us centered.
If you try and live in a perfect bubble, the reality is that it will burst and when it does, you may not be ready for the outcome. You may not be prepared for the harsh fall to reality or the ground. We are sent here to  love and learn.  We accept jobs that pay for the stuff, however it should never define us, our character outside of work defines us---let me be clear, because someone has a few nights of fun and debauchery does not define their character.  If we focus on the efforts of the few and the things that provide the most shock value and base a person's values on that, then our perceptions become skewed.  Why is it we can look into someones social life and make a judgement based on one night or a few weekends.  What if you were to look back into their social feeds and be able to  see that the majority of their works was not as you had perceived. Dont judge a person just by a few feeds of their facebook.
There are extremists in the world and no one can or will argue differently. To say extreme statements and believe those statements or ideas are truth can be a form of being too spiritual. You have to find your own truth, it is not up there, and it is not entirely down here, there is a middle ground. I love people that read stuff on the internet and believe it is fact.  It said so on Bing or Google or Yahoo.  It seems as if the days of doing your homework are gone. We refuse to dig deeper, but yet not too deep that you become overwhelmed by a subject.  I recently watched Zeitgeist. I dont’ think it is an ultimate truth. I see some thought provoking things that make me want to dig deeper, but I also know it isn't fact. It goes back to my original point, you can’t be too airy and too grounded---there is a balance.  Find the middle ground, your middle ground. We are not here to hate and fight. If you are doing that in any way, whether it is in your busy life, work life, friend life or love life, you may need to reevaluate,.  We are here to love, cherish, experience and inspire. We are all on the same planet and have the same journey which is that of experience. My experience will be vastly different than yours, and the girl in the corner will be vastly different than yours or mine.
Manifestation is of the spiritual world and reality is what we deal with on a daily basis.  Learn and know the difference.  If you are reading this, you will agree that we are all born, and conversely we will all die. When and how we die is completely unknown. A big key here is making sure you appreciated your journey and that you stood up for something that mattered to you. Some people will spend an entire journey figuring out and re-figuring what is important to them, what matters to them or what tugs at their heart strings. I often refer to the heartstrings as our intuition. Learn to find your voice and listen to your intuition.
When we learn to listen to our intuition, very rarely are we led in the wrong direction. We go deep and realize that we are perfect in every way. We are not fat nor thin, lazy nor active, smart nor dumb, beautiful nor ugly.  We are perfect. The sooner we as a species realize that, the easier this journey becomes. We are a "life in style". We are beautiful. We are funny. We are intelligent. We can sing. We can dance. We can write. We can be.
Go into each day with an open heart. Love the unlovable. Do the unthinkable. Be the oddball.  BE YOURSELF!!!!! Don't do what you think everyone wants you to do, rather do what your heart leads you to do.  If you want to wake up and get out of bed and watch movies all day, then do that. If you feel like going to sit at a coffee shop and organize your music collection on your computer, then do that.  If you want to have random conversations with strangers in restaurants, coffee shops or bars, do that. There is no right and there is no wrong. That ideal was placed in your head by a society that wanted to control you, by parents that did not understand the rules themselves, or by a media that wanted to guide you in their direction.
Take a moment to reflect your year. Give thanks for all that you have done. We don't give enough thanks for what we have and tend to focus on what's missing. The heart of gratitude is the greatest gift you can ever receive.  When you are thankful for what you have, you will begin to feel the abundance in your life.
I saw this and decided to share, 
"If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up to this point! You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, financial set back, sickness and health concerns and many different phases of life and here you are, fuck if you aren't awesome". 
I concur. You are awesome. You are perfection in human form. Just something to think about, and hopefully smile as you go throughout your day!
Until next time...