I'm leaving 42 and joining 43

I wrote this a few weeks ago and posted on medium to some success ( 4 readers woo hoo...more than 1 is a miracle).  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

l’m leaving 42 and joining 43

3 quick lessons

So I turn 43 in (gulp) less than a week. Friday to be exact. August 1st. 43 years ago, bless my mothers soul, she and my father, enjoying a sunday on the beach in La Jolla, decided that it was time. My father was “damn right its time,” as he cracked open a beer. My mom said, “no its time to have this child”. My dad, as dramatic as he was, gathered all the crap he had hauled down to blacks beach, and with mom in tow, rushed to Scripps in La Jolla where I was born at 4ish in the afternoon.
So what have I learned up to this point? The list is rather endless so I will try to be concise so bear with me. These are 3 keys that really stand out.

1. Life truly is how you view it

You can try and be the wealthiest guy in the world and amass large fortunes, but in my humbled experience, thats not existence. You can no more will a million dollars into your life than the homeless guy on the street. It isn’t physically possible. Regardless of what the experts tell you, I’m here to set the record straight. If it were the case, Richard Branson and I would be sharing islands next to each other and I would be donating half that shit to help people become better versions of themselves. Instead, wake up grateful for what it is you have. Feel the energy in your music, your kids, your husband or wife and cherish that shit. Vibrate on the things that make you happy. I know that cute kitties and puppies make me happy. Cute babies and music raise my vibrational frequency. If the universe wants you to come into a fortune, it will definitely open that door. Make your life count.

2. Keep moving forward

I have found that movement creates energy. Well, specifically breath and movement. Im not talking about the shallow breaths you take every minute of every day, Im talking about the epic prana that you breathe in and feel it energizing every cell in your body. The breath that leaves you speechless, focus and devoid of serious thought (much like after an orgasm). There are days I don’t want to get out of the comfort of my twin bed, but because I know that movement and breath creates energy, I happily get out of bed (well not always happily, but for the most part). I greet the day with a “thank you” of sorts and make my way to the kitchen for my nourishment for the morning. I have an attitude that I don’t know what is going to happen today. “Anything is possible”. I could “think” I know what the day holds and play the tape over in my head that it is going to be the same as yesterday, but when I am truthful with myself, “I have no fucking clue”. I get dressed. I put one foot in front of the other and I move. I also move at work. I make sure I get up and go for a walk every hour. I force myself to breathe move and approach problems in thought from a different angle. Keep moving forward. I promise you won’t regret this one.

3. Be grateful more often than not

Often times I catch myself getting ready to jump into that negative spiraling tornado and then I realize, “that’s not in my best interest—Thank you”. I come back to giving thanks for the “haves” in my life. Thought— “Although I would love to be a millionaire and help people start their dreams, The hardest of my efforts may not yield that result at this point”. Again, I fall back to anything is possible. Have I been able to manifest that million or fill up my bank with excess, no. Do I have everything I need, yes. I am exactly where I need to be in the universe at this time. I am grateful that I can fill my lungs with breath, I have two eyes to see, two arms to hug, two ears that allow me to hear the music of this life, and two legs that take me anywhere I need to go. I find it is easier and more peaceful to say “thank you” rather than “I can’t believe” or “why don’t I”. I am grateful for my close friends and family. This year will bring changes, but no more than last year and no more than I can handle. I am grateful that I was able to spend a few years living with my aunt and uncle getting to know them and appreciating their hospitality.
I’m still here and I still try. I haven’t been beaten yet. Regardless of my knockdowns, I still get up. I suggest you try the same. Life isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always end the way it does in the movies and thats okay becuase its your life and there are no rules. Do good, be good, help others and inspire at least one person to get up off the ground and try and in my book you have done well.
Heres to 43 and all the ups, downs and sideways it may present. Im ready!