Thanks for the memories

So this is probably a long time coming but it has been apparent to me over the last weeks/months that I need to go dark...for good.  I spoke to a great family member who advised me that I am a great writer but I need to keep some stuff private.  I thought about it for a bit and realized, I do put way too much stuff out there.  

When social media first came out, I thought "Wow this will be a great way to reach people and share ideas and great photos"  I thought of all the advertising possibilities and all the connections that could be made.  To me, social media was limitless.

Over the past few years, I now see it as a distraction for many and a bitching board for others.  I see that it is keeping us from what is really there and helping society make uneducated guesses about people.  Companies use it to see if their employees are trustworthy rather than creative.  Friends use it to scope out what other friends are doing and possibly feel isolated. We used to see someone we were attracted to and ask for their number.  We would get to know them over the phone or in person. Now we can do all that in minutes and with the "instant gratification" aka the internet we can know all we care to know about someone, judge them and move on. Its allowed us to narrow our focus, but in reality it distracts our gaze.

Conversations aren't real and discussions are superficial. We scratch the surface but lose focus when the next shiny thing shows up. Our attention spans have become as short as the feeds we are reading before an ad pops up and distracts us.  Its not all that I thought it would be.  There are specific instances in which I like what social media has done, which is bring awareness to things, but posting what you are eating for dinner, bragging about your chardonnay?  Really, are we that boring? Someone told me today about a facebook page that shows peoples poop.  No thanks.  Im done.

I thought I was doing good with social media and trying to reach people but I realize now that my posts were more like rants.  My blogs were bitching about life and not doing what I intended them to do.  For the loyalists that read and responded, "Thank you"  I have appreciated your readership.

Effective april 1st, I will be off all social media.  No more instagram, g+, facebook, twitter or drive by blogger aka chadbordes.  I will remove myself from all of it.  There is one exception and that is linked in, but other than that, if you want to reach me, it will have to be by cell or email. I want real connections and want to get to know the people in my life and be concerned.  I want to have conversations and talk about philosophy.  I want to feel and hear the emotion in their voice. Im gonna get back to reading books and being inspired. Im going to go to libraries and take out books, go to parks and have picnics with myself and get back to nature.

I wish you all great success in your journey.  Thank you for being loyal readers and for offering great advice. If you are ever around, give me a call and lets grab coffee. I will be sending out monthly newsletters about life and books and movies.  If you want to be included, make sure to add your email up above.

As Douglas adams said, "So long, and thanks for all the fish"
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