Back To The Drawing Board...

Well let me start off by saying, do your homework. My trip to india started as a great idea. Upon speaking with cousin jake, he advised that a visa can be obtained upon arrival. He was partly correct.
You can apply for a TVOA or tourist visa on arrival, however, it is only good for 30 days. That would have been good to know $60 ago.

I just sent off the actual tourist visa to San francisco overnight this morning. The caveat: 3-5 days to process and my flight leaves on thursday night.  Stress point #2, I have to decide tomorrow to change the ticket departure for a week later or chance it.  Stress point #3: If I decide to change the ticket, I have to figure out where to come up with $400 ( or if i even can).

I have to let go of the outcome, whatever that may be. It has been a problem my whole life. I attach to outcomes, rather than just let stuff go.  I go to "worst case scenario" with everything in my life.  There is no "happy place" as I like to put it. Oh well shit happens. My poor planning is my own fault.

Plan B?  There is no plan b.  I don't think the ticket is worth anything.  I have to see if I cancel all together if I have a cash value on the ticket.  I turn in the BMW, throw on the backpack and start hiking north.  I will keep going till I hit canada, then walk east. Forest Gump-ish.  I know its weak,but its the best I got for now. Maybe the Pacific Coast Trail?
Yikes...this is a bad ass
I think the ultimate goal is freedom.  Not having huge debts or burdens over my head.  I remember seeing the end of "The Gambler" with Mark Wahlberg.  Many people bagged this movie but for me, I was able to relate so much. The scene below is between John Goodman and Mark Wahlberg, and its brilliant in my opinion.

The link incase the clip doesn't show:

This is the ending scene of the movie and I am sure quite a few people can relate to it. To set it up, he placed this bet with someone elses money (John Goodman).  He owes several people in town and if he loses this bet, he pretty much loses his life. It will speak for itself.

The link in case the clip doesn't show:

Anyhow, I will stop my rambling.  For those of you that know me, I express through movies and song, hence the reason I post songs and movies and movie quotes.  As always, I am thankful for your friendships, your readerships and your love.
Until next time...
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