Wonders never cease...

So yesterday was a fun adventure.  I must start off by saying that I really appreciate Eugene.  It is the land locked version of Leucadia. It is funky and fun and very easy to get around. The people are super friendly and I enjoyed my time there (look forward to going back).  Encinitas will always be my first home, however, I think Eugene may keep my attention for a while.

Aunt Christina and I boarded the plane in Eugene at 8:45 and by 9:25 we were off the ground and in the air.  Allegiant is the main carrier that flies into Eugene direct from LA.  American and Delta do as well but to the best of my knowledge they are connections.  It was a great flight and I realized how much I miss being in the air.  When the plane lifted off it was is my spirit let off a great big sigh.  I have had a love for the air and airplanes since I was a kid.  Thanks to my father being a travel agent and a fellow airline enthusiast himself, I think he bestowed that knowledge and love to to me.

When we landed, my phone blew up.  Lots of positive response to the news that I am attempting a new adventure.  Tons of support and love flowed in.  It was quite interesting as we landed, there was an EL AL flight parked at the international terminal.  I remember my father sharing with me specific details of his first trip to India on EL-AL.  He was a tour guide and shared the follies of the first time on the road. He made me laugh so hard, I shot coffee out of my nose. We ended up being an hour late opening the Travel Agency that day.  The memories flooded in and I took a breath and appreciated what I think was the irony of it all.

Today, I tried to reach the Indian Embassy in San Francisco to try and figure out this visa thing, but to no avail. Apparently the embassy is closed on good friday. I completed the application and hope to get some quality answers on monday, and with that said, I will enjoy the weekend.

I did take some time and go to the Self-Realization Fellowship.  I spent about an hour walking around and another half hour in meditation.  It is a very relaxing place and I plan to go there from now until my journey on Thursday.  I am nervous about the trip.  Excited and nervous, but more so nervous.  Im truly stepping out of my comfort zone.  The Koi at the SRF are enormous and you probably cant tell from the pics, but they were.

I will always feel a connection to this place.  This is my birthright (the inheritance of my senses) to truly appreciate the wonder of this place.  My friends are amazing too.  Noah and Tori are so incredible for putting me up. I am really thankful that I can spend some time with them before my trip.  All I can truthfully say is that school is back in session for me.  Time to listen and learn and see what this beautiful universe is telling me.

Until next time...
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