Become a DO'er

I have kept my peace long enough and I am SO tired of the phrase "My vote doesn't matter"  This is a bullshit cop out because you are too lazy to get off your ass and read about the issues that are affecting our country.  Yes, I am calling you a lazy fat ass.  You are one or the other or both.

I have watched the younger generations flop around on the deck of a fishing boat as if they just got pulled out of the ocean.  They bitch and complain about the lack of leadership in the country, and yet when you ask them if they voted, the all too familiar phrase, "my vote doesn't matter".  The fuck it doesn't.  My professor in college once said, you are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.  The problem as I see it is we are lazy.  You see we have these stupid phones that we walk around with that make us "stupider" because we take pictures of our food because its so beautiful, or we snap selfies and see how many likes we can get, or we post memes of how much smarter, or better looking or better dressed we are than the next person, or we post about how shitty our lives are. I just saw an article yesterday about a girl who drove through McDonalds and was bitching because her cookie order took longer than 2 minutes.  The saddest part of the story is not that it went viral, but the fact that she was complaining about the time it took to get it done.  Complete lack of gratitude. Bet she doesn't vote...willing to bet she isn't even registered.

Wake the fuck up. Indifference is the worst class to live in. Get up, get educated and make a decision. At some point you have to fight and vote for it.  The more you sit around and bitch about the way something is being done yet don't do anything to take action, then you become the idiot.  Stop using your phone for what it "isn't" supposed to be used for and start becoming educated.  Share stories with friends, even if they aren't of the same view point...Have a conversation about it.  Get the facts and stop following public opinion.  Question every god damned thing you read, including this. Question your existence and question why you live where you live, question the color of your skin and the shit that is going on outside your door.  I bet if you question hard enough, you will begin to see your connection to it.  Not all of it, but some part of it.

I admit, I am not the best at giving advice. I suck worse than Tiger Woods sucks at relationships, but I try to motivate people to action.  The lack of action is what kills a society, indifference and laziness and I have seen it all around me.  I see people using drugs because they can't deal with their life. I see homeless people all over, because they refuse to get off their asses and do anything. They would rather sit on the corner and freeze their asses off and beg for money than try and do something other than "beg" their way out of their condition. Kennedy said it best, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country"  I see people living in decent houses but they would rather live in lethargy than go out and mow the lawn or rake leaves or clean gutters or god forbid, paint the residence they live in.  One word, DO.

Stop making excuses why you can't do a damned thing and start figuring out ways you can.  My example is Donald Trump and what i call his "Trum-pets". The guy is an ass clown times 100 but hes got lots of money and says exactly what the "forgotten" Republicans want to hear. The uneducated people who want our country to remain sovereign and have NO foreigners living here, will follow him to the ends of the earth and believe everything he says because they "want to take america back" AKA "Make America Great again"  Its the same damn phrase just worded differently. America hasn't ever stopped being great, we just have a lot more bitching and complaining rather than DO'ers.

Wanna know how to make America great again?  Start by getting off your couch, start by reading instead of posting selfies, start by learning to cook rather than taking photos of your food and stop sitting around with the stupidest mentality in history saying, "My vote doesn't matter". Become a DO'er.

I challenge you to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, What do you stand for if anything at all?  Will you let your indifference keep you from getting off your ass and use the old lame excuse "my vote doesn't matter" Are you going to peace the fuck out and smoke a big bong and let the country do what it does and then bitch to your friends after the election that "You can't believe Trump won, or You can't believe Carson won?"  don't hesitate to comment.

Until next time...
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