We are all struggling right now, in one form or another.  Some of us are struggling with addictions like coffee, exercise or the lack there of.  There is a sense that things are changing  by the minute.  I cant help but think about my parents generation where they worked for a company for many years and saved a bit, and then retired.  Some people didn't do that and worked until they couldn't work anymore.

Now we are in the new age.  Everybody is losing faith in the corporate model.  People are quitting their jobs, it seems to follow their own dreams.  We jump jobs more than we jumped puddles growing up as kids and the result.  We are constantly looking for that next thing.  We are looking outside of ourselves for something that exists inside of us.  The problem is that the thing that exists inside of us, will never pay us money.

I read all these articles of people quitting their jobs to pursue "their inner passion".  Part of me says, "Hey thats a great idea", but the rational side of me says, its bullshit.  As much as I like the argument that you have to do what you love, the reality is, this life isn't easy.  We are bred to believe that we are entitled to a fairy tale.  Every movie you watch is someone struggling to make it better than the life they had.  The problem exists is that when they work that hard and overcome, the struggle is lost because the kids end up inheriting that fortune and then never recognize the struggles themselves.

If I were ever to have kids, I wouldn't want them to have it easier than I did.  The battles I have fought, the demons I have faced, have made me stand exactly where I am in the skin that I was born with.  I don't want to know that generations of youngsters after me had nothing to fight for. I don't want to be responsible for the the demise of the struggle, because that is the shit that is real.  That is the stuff that defines our character.  Its the things that make us realize we are human; the loss of a family member or a close pet, the car accident that took something from you, the living in your car for 6 months-that is the stuff that truly matters as it builds your character.

Remember that when you read all these articles on mediums, blogs, news reports, or articles, they are based on opinion.  My opinion is shit...Im just gonna throw that out there because what I say isn't gospel and it may resonate within you, but the truth is your light, your truth, is within you, never without.  Make sure you are reading the internet with observant and skeptical eyes.  Nothing is fact, and NOTHING is written in stone. You write your pages daily and as much as we want to fit into a group, we are individuals and we will die that way.  Don't get sucked into the mire of "belonging" just because you relate to an author.  You are unique to you and its important to never lose those qualities.

Be yourself, be bold, be brash, be incomprehensible, be remote, be simple, be kind, be daring, be silly, be alive, be selfish, be sad, be amazed, be humble, be direct, be stern, be smelly, be funny, be dumb, be apologetic, be grateful, be whatever....because in the end, we are all perishable

Until next time.
Chad BordesComment