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A river flows where it is free to

In our time on earth, we all struggle with what we should be bringing with us and what we should be letting go of.  As many of you know, it is very hard to throw things away, however, if we don't, it becomes a heavy weight, weighing us down.  Eventually the items become so heavy, like an immovable stone that we can't lift and it keeps us from moving on.

If you have ever noticed a river, you will notice how it flows and and doesn't hold anything.  The river flows through a river bed and shapes it. This is very true of life and love.  We shouldn't hold on to stuff that are deeply ingrained within us, because they have already shaped us.

When we have deep feelings within us, it is good to be like the river and let them flow through us. Often times we hold things like the love from someone past, an old card from a close family member, or a picture from a specific moment in time in our life because of the memory it gives us, but in truth, we should realize these memories are already in us and often keep us weighed down or unable to move.  The best way to free ourselves is to refresh every day and allow yourself to flow freely, like a river.  Don't hold on to things so tightly that you can't let new memories and experiences in.  

Find the balance of Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Intellectual and Physical pieces of your life.  Notice where you are devoting a large majority of your time each day and re balance.  Focus on what you are doing daily and give thanks. Never obsess. Find your healthy balance of alone and social time. Don't attach to outcomes, but rather, let them flow by like the river.

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