Good Friends

So I have a very good friend named Jason.  I don't hear from him that much, but 1 time a year, I can always expect a card from him. The marvelous day in question is: Groundhog day.  For the past 9 years, without fail, Jason has sent cards to his closest friends.  I always seem to forget it is coming, until I get home and see it. 

I really appreciate it.  I mean in a digital age where everything is emailed, texted, tweeted, or snapped, it is nice to get something physical in the mail, like a card or a letter.  I could be having the crappiest day on earth, but for some reason, Jason's cards always warm me up. In some way its a reminder that I am human and that I made enough difference in someones life that they actually like me and want to keep in touch with me.

After getting his card, I immediately busted out my fountain pen and began writing to people that I care about. I have quite a few, but I touched a few people that were heavy on my mind.  I am currently writing this to honor Jason for being such a great human.  We only worked together a handful of times, but he always made me laugh and had such a great demeanor on site. The one thing I always love about Jason----He is truly interested.  He takes time to listen to you and what has been going on in your life. He genuinely cares.

Its constant little reminders like this that let me know that I am alive. Yes the journey can be a bitch and often times I want to throw my hands up and quit, but we cant. We have to fight the good fight until we draw our final breath.  Relish the small moments and draw yourself into the present moment. Concern yourself not of future moments and leave the past  just there. Thank you Jason for being such a good friend.

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