Just a friendly update on me :-)

Hey everyone

Just wanted to give an update. You may remember that I said I was going to be coming back to California, well it is official.  I am heading down May 1. I will most likely take the train and stop in Napa to visit my cousin Stephen Bordes at his winery for a day or two.  From there, I will catch a train to San diego.

I am currently looking for work and open to any positions that may be available, I just ask that you don't hold it against me because I have a masters degree.  I have seen many companies shy away from hiring me because I have a Masters Degree.  I am honestly looking to get off my feet and find a base of operation. My home is California and I know that now.  I am native and the air, soil and water are in my bones.

I am looking to establish which means I will need to find a place to live (that I pay for monthly), maybe even get a car (down the road) for now I know that I will have to use the bus and I am okay with that. I am nervous as hell about this move but I also know that I have to push myself off that ledge because no one else will. Mark Twain said it best "Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain"

It's an interesting prospect to be 45 years old again and starting from scratch. I have two choices: 1. I could look at it as a time to be humble and thankful for the new things that I will have to learn and do, or 2. I could be a bitter old fart and complain about "the way shit was".  I don't know how many years I have left, hopefully a few, but I need to focus on giving back.

I have been so focused on "getting a real job" but what I really needed to do was go inside and realize that I am a healer. I have seen this in the wake of everyone I have met and the lives that I have touched and I need remain true to that.  My title per se will be healer/performance coach/business consultant in that order. I love helping others, I love listening and learning to others and being empathetic to their cause. It's my life's work. I will focus on this, but I also realize that I will have to bust my ass before I can go full time with this passion. The goal will be to help people after work (or as time permits--I am sure I can find the time somewhere in my 24 hour day)

I want to get back to writing and I have lost that. I haven't found my voice here in Oregon and I feel more connected in Cali and I desire to sit in front of my computer and hash out some of my random ramblings in my blog.  This is another area that will be changing. My current blog (free) is hosted on blogger (as well as medium: https://medium.com/@chadbordes) and that will remain. I will be posting 2-4 articles a month there.  My new blog will be hosted here:


It will be a pay site.  I am going to charge $4.99 a month for my words of inspiration. As it stands now I will post book and movie reviews to my free site on medium and blogger simultaneously and then my inspired, cool ramblings, interviews, business advice, learning events and meditation seminars to the paid site. I hope you will join me.

I am also accepting donations for this new life. Every new transition requires sacrifice. So many of my family and friends have donated to this cause over the years...Australia, Bali and India.  It was greatly appreciated. In the continued tradition, if you can find some scratch, it would be greatly appreciated to help with finding a new place, deposits and fees to get set up. You can do that here:


I also plan to re-edit my father's book (long time) in the making. The first edition was great, but after reading it again, there are typos, run on sentences and plot discrepancies. It truly needs some TLC so I plan to give it just that. Simultaneously, I am finalizing within the next 6 months to a year (hoping 6 months) the first edition of my book titled

"Food, Water, Air & Plenty of Sex"

It has been a work in progress since about 2004/05. I decided to write down the events of my life in chapters. It is by no means a complete work, but it does cover some very basic core chapters and learning lessons in my life. I am going to be taking pre-orders for the book here:


So that is a brief, or book long description of what I will be doing over the next 6 months. I am super grateful for the support of my family and friends. Your encouragement, love and support means the world to me. I am grateful daily for my health and the ability to touch so many lives every day I wake up. I am here to help

I love you all and hope you are having a brilliant day. Hope to talk to more of you soon :-)

Until next time...
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