Distractions and realities


This is not going to be easy but I promise to keep it real.  I have a disease that I am not comfortable sharing with anyone. It's a disease that is starting to affect everyone. It's the disease of anti socialism. Its crept into my life and I now see it affecting a vast majority of people in everyday life.

You may not notice it right away, but it's this constant distraction away from what is right in front of us. Good friends, great company, enlightening conversation, & beautiful music. It's the device that keeps our heads buried into a story on snapchat a 100 or a thousand miles away. It's the instagram of someone having a great vacation and eating like a millionaire, while you can barely pay the rent.  It's the guy that's buried in his headphones and music while shoveling food at a non stop rate into his mouth, while no one will talk to him because he is obese.

We are killing ourselves on the daily by working hours at a job we aren't passionate about, but we tell everyone that everything is great because the company is a "start-up" or a "disruptor" or some other new bullshit like that. We work hours that the "others" have no clue about. We are the backbone of this entire economy and if we were actually paid what we were worth, the 1% would be the 99%. If we walked out of our jobs for 1 day, what would happen to the economy, if we did that for a week, what then, a month maybe, possible collapse.

We have stopped being human. We don't look in each others eyes when talking and the only way we remember a person's name is if it's in our phone, popping up in snapchat or instagram, or its someone that you see on the daily.  Hugs have become all but obsolete, exchanged for like a heart or a thumbs up. No longer do we have conversations about what ails or why we are sad, but we try to sugar coat everything showing the world that everything is great in our perfect little worlds, when in actuality we are just seeking out love.

We are seeking out our love for self, love from another. It's the glue that holds us together. Being human, alive and available, not the robots we have become. Programmed to social media our friends instead of calling or when we do sit down with them we are so obsessed with our devices, the conversations fade off to faint whispers, and that point that you were trying to make, becomes a forgotten memory.

We aren't connecting at a level that matters anymore. Everything is superficial from our tweets to our conversations. We don't care for people anymore, we care for our devices.  Our newest macbook, iphone 7, s8, latest 4k TV. We don't want to discuss whats really bothering us or looking inside and talking about that with anyone, because then we would feel obligated to work on that and nobody has time for that.

I don't have an answer for this disease that is ailing us daily. Its not going to go away anytime soon, but I also don't have to be part of it. I miss conversations on the phone...I love hearing the other person on the other end of the phone, the tone, the intonations, and the emotion. I miss the one on one over dinner, coffee or breakfast without this constant need to check the phone for FOMO. I miss humanity, maybe this is what the walking dead is all about.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment