Car Life: Weekish 1 & 2

Driving up the 1

So at first I was thinking car life was a curse.  I mean it caused the demise of my relationship, it was cold and I had to give away a bunch of shit I bought.  I felt like I was a bad person for having to do this, however, based on all the information I had at the time, it seemed like the best decision and I still stick by that. My theory is whatever comes to the surface will.

When I started telling people about it, I thought for sure that I was going to be ostracized or shunned or judged, but to my surprise, that isn't what happened.  People became generous, they offered a place to park and sleep, or a place to pitch a tent (which I found a killer deal for about $50 for a 1 man tent and sleeping bag----I am still thinking if I want to take advantage of it.) and others offered a place to crash like their floor in the living room, a spare room for a few nights or just a couch.  I was truly humbled. 

I told everyone that I would take them up on that when I needed a good night sleep, but until then I would sleep in the car.  The first night was the worst.  It was like sleeping on a new bed.  I couldn't get comfortable, it was colder than normal and the seats were different than the hyundai I slept in for a bit. (Yes I have slept in my car before­čśť).  I kept waking up every time I heard a noise and lets just chalk that first night up to a shitty night sleep.  I was falling asleep all day, the day after.  I would drop a customer off at the airport and then catch some zzzzzz's.

Its been a little over a week and I am getting my bearings.  I have my routine pretty much dialed down.  On days that I am not working at my part time gig, I am up at 3:30, drive to my coffee spot where I fill up for $.99 and then off to my gas station in Oceanside where I fill up.  After filling up, I crank on my music and turn on my mystro app (runs uber & lyft simultaneously) and set uber to airport destination.  I listen to music and wait and normally, within about 10 minutes I see that sweet 45 min + pop on the app.  Yesterday I got one up to John Wayne Airport.

After it slows down, or I have made my daily commitment, and yes I commit to a certain amount I want to make and then call it quits, I will then head to my gym, workout and shower. They have nice facilities and the water is hot. I have everything in the back of my car, waters, and some kind bars in case I get hungry.  I traded in my world traveling backpack and got a 36 inch roller from walmart for about $35 to $40 bucks. I really love the layout.  It has a place for my 2 pairs of shoes and a compartment on the bottom for clothes that I am not able to use regularly.  I was even able to put my $9.99 coleman hydration backpack in there as well.

After I have committed to my work and achieved my goal, the day is mine.  I can do whatever I want. Sometimes I will go for a hike and other times I will catch up on shows at starbucks.  Yesterday a very nice girl, Kaitlyn, bought me a cup of coffee.  It was the first time that had ever happened.  I can remember paying it forward when I was in LA a lot, but I stopped when I started always thinking about getting mine. I need to continue with that tradition when I can. 

I have been spending time at night reading, getting to know the locals of encinitas and trying to stay positive.  I keep saying that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Sometimes unexpected stuff happens to us and if we compare ourselves to others, well then it feels like it is a bad thing, but if we distance ourselves from the thing and not compare, we realize its just that "a thing".  You can't let it define you.  You have to keep pushing forward and believing that tomorrow will be a better day.  You never know when your card will be up so make the most of it while you are here. 

I also met a really cool guy named Zane Allan from New Zealand last night. Solid guy.  I have to see if I can find his email again, he typed it into my phone wrong.  He was about my age and was with his partner 23 years.  He loves surfing and was trying to inspire me to take up the hobby.  He is here to surf the California coast and may head down into Baja California upon my suggestion. He lost his partner to cancer last year and shared his story with me.  It practically brought me to tears and reminded me of my struggle with my mom.  I bought him a beer and he was humbled.  He kept trying to pay me back but I wouldn't let him. We said good night and I went off to my car and prepped for the night.

Stay open and maybe some interesting things will happen to you. Try to experience new things and most of all, be grateful for what little bit you have rather than thinking you don't have anything.  If you want to see people that don't really have much, you can look around or take a trip to Delhi.

Inshallah and until next time...

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