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So the last few months have awakened, saddened, infuriated, disinfected me, discouraged & deflated as well as inspired me, all in a matter of moments.  I guess the hardest thing to get rid of is the ego and realizing that life may not all be the way you had envisioned it.  Its about keeping an open mind to learn the things that matter and be humble enough to say that you don't know everything and that you need help.

In my countless and discouraging search for a job, I found my meaning.  I realized that yes a job defines me, but I am not a worker as many are.  I can't go do a 9 to 5 job on the weekday and deliver awe inspiring results. I have always offered myself to be of help to others, whether I have had the financial wherewithal to do so.  For me it was a matter of being human and realizing that every person out there needs some sort of help.  The truth is, getting them to realize it or better yet, allowing yourself to be the beacon that ignites when the lights go dark. 

You see somewhere along the way I got distracted.  I thought that getting a job was the answer and that getting a steady paycheck was the cure to my woes, but in all reality it was right in front of me the whole time.  My gift, my life, my love, my "thing that gets me out of bed every single day" is the ability to help others overcome whatever struggle they may be battling with.  Whether it is a bad job and an environment that doesn't foster loving relationships in the workplace, or a boss who is a total schmuck to you.  Whether its that relationship that leaves you more saddened than uplifted, or the loss of a friend or family member that is keeping your heart in lock down...whatever ails you, let me help.

New business?  Struggling with set up?  Trying to find the right fit to help you grow your vision?  Wondering whats next on the horizon for you?  Overwhelmed by organizational issues both personally and professionally?  I can help!  I have a knack for connecting with just about anyone and have been trained for 30+ years in the school of life.  

We live in tough times and emotionally we are drained and beat down.  We can't find our center because we are too distracted.  We think that working out, running, cycling or the latest fitness craze will help us center, but it still leaves us distracted and distanced sometimes. We run through this life thinking we have forever, but in truth, we are only granted this day!

I can't promise you that I will have all the answers, but I can promise that I will help in whatever way I can!  My practice is right mind consulting and with it I launch the newest venture in helping those wade through the many turbulent waters in life. 

If you don't think I can help, try me!  What have you got to lose? I'm not inexpensive, but you can't really put a price on what I do. I am the Uber Therapist or the Lyft Life Liason. So if you are stuck, confused, sad or just need someone to talk to, reach out. Like the 4 tops said, "When you feel hopeless and about to give up...reach out, Ill be there"

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