Attacking a problem---The Hard Truth

this is 47

I have been staring at this page for too goddamn long.  Yes it was blank until a minute ago.  It only took me three + weeks to finally put some words down. No ideas have been floating in my head, no magical inspiration...nothing.  It's as if all my awesome thoughts were stolen and burned and then diluted by water in the garden.  To say I am unfocused is an understatement, or maybe it's because I am too focused.

I left my most recent 3rd part time job.  Nothing wrong with the company, yet everything is wrong.  I got a corporate email that said basically effective immediately, everything changes.  I saw the change being a possible potential but I felt it really didn't align with my values of hard work.  I wish I could go into more specifics, but I cannot, because I am bound by, lets just say decency.

Since leaving my job, I have moved and have started driving for Uber and Lyft full time.  I never thought at my age I would have to work this hard but the cold hard fact is, because I lived my life when I was a bit younger, means I have severe consequences now.  It means I have to dig in and push---hard.

Since I am discussing it, I might as well share.  Its a super lofty goal and may wreck me.  Only time will tell.  As you all may or may not know, I am 100K in debt thanks to my silly decision to get my Masters Degree.  This is a large boulder that has been hanging over my head for well over 10 years since I exited school in 2007.  "Why didn't you pay it off", you probably ask. One word...FEAR.
I was afraid that I wouldn't make enough to pay it off and be left with no money.  You know what happened, even though I didn't pay it off?  I didn't make enough money to pay it down and I have no money.  (I was homeless in case you didn't know. See here: Homeless Chad )

So what is my next step?  It's a lofty and insane one and only time will tell if it will work or maybe it will kill me.  Who knows.  My goal is off the loan in 2 years. According to my calculations, this will take me 7 days a week, (based on an avg 30 days a month), $230-$275 per day, $6000 a month in earnings.  Taxes and gas have to come out of that, as well as any maintenance to the car. 

"What is the catch? That seems easy", you may be saying to yourself.  Considering that I average $125 a day, it means I will have to hustle.  My schedule starts at 3:30 in the morning, I am out the door by 4:00-4:10 in order to get the apps on by 4:30 to start grabbing airport runs from Oceanside down to Encinitas to the airport.  Factor in that an oceanside run, no tip, nets me $39.00, from Encinitas its about $29.00 and may take 35-45 minutes depending on location of the pick up.  After drop off I have to hustle back to roughly Del-Mar if I want to make another $20 dollar run.  I never pick up going North (hasn't happened in my year plus of driving with Uber). 

Long and short Its going to take me 300-500 miles a day to make my goal. That is a tank of gas and the cost out of pocket will be $30-$35.  This isn't factoring in repairs to my vehicle as well. Time will tell how much they will run.  Not to mention that my "lofty goal" requires a 7 day commitment.  This will mean basically "All work and no play makes Chad a dull boy"  I am anticipating that this hustle will be tough.  I have done it before and know I can do it again.

Mixed into this, I have to find time to eat and work out.  Gawd knows where Im going to fit that shit.  My goal is that when I get this debt accomplished and off of my head, I will find my masters degree (in a box somewhere) and tear it up, then burn it.  Why?  Because I never want anything to have that kind of weight in my life again.  It's not worth it. It has been a constant thorn in my side for 10 years and even when I was traveling the globe, it was an ever present thought in my head.

What I will do, when I accomplish it, is put that on my resume, in absence of any degrees that I have.  I will list it as such:

  • Worked 730 days straight
  • Drove an average of 300-500 miles a day
  • Maintained a 4.98 driver rating
  • Paid off $100,000 in debt
  • Didn't die
  • If you are reading this far and haven't called me for a job, you suck because you don't know what hustle truly is and you don't respect hard work and because of that, I would never want to work for your company.
Money doesn't grow on trees.  You can't expect to pull off miraculous feats like Kylie Jenner and be worth  $900 million (almost billionaire) by 20 (thats three years before Mark Zuck at 23).  In the real world, you have to hustle. Find something you are good at, suck up your pride and go do that "thing" even if it kills you.  Why?  Laziness and Bullshit only get you so far, so try working your hustle...EVERYDAY.  Stop being lazy, entitled, & whiny little shits and get out there and do it. If I can do it at 47, you can do it at 21. 

Until next time.

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