The should be rules for Uber & Lyft (from a driver)

There are lots of things as a ride share driver that make me batshit crazy.  Can we clear the air and make the ride share business more enjoyable for both of us?  These simple rules should be adhered to all the time. These are in no particular order

  • Do not pin drop!
    • That shit is annoying and causes us (the drivers) to have to spend a shit load of time trying to find you.  If you are at a friends house, ask for the damned address...stop being lazy. If your at a starbucks, type in "Starbucks on 5th".  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look for an address
  • Put your live sharing on!
    • Stop being so anti tech.  We need to know where you are.  We don't get paid for time (we do but its criminal so fuck that, don't make us wait) the easier it is to find you the easier our day is going to go.
  • Don't try and do a Pool or a shared ride with 3 people!
    • Matter of fact, if you are doing less than a 20 minute ride, don't do that shit. Save us the headache of NOT getting any more riders. Pay the money for an X or a regular Lyft.  If you want to share a ride, take the bus!
  • Don't be anti social and look at your phone!
    • If a driver trys to talk to you, put your phone down and chat. Phones have somehow made us important.  Heres a little aren't that important and the only reason you keep checking your phone is to see if you are in fact NOT important.  There is a great form of communication called talking.  Try it won't hurt
  • Don't expect your driver to wait!
    • If you request a ride and you see it will be 10 minutes away, then your ass better be outside ready for the ride.  Its disrespectful if you are 5 minutes later than that.  If you don't remember the days of calling a cab, you would be lucky to have a taxi there in half an hour.  Stop assuming that our time isn't important because it is.  The longer we have to wait for you, the less rides we get.
  • Get your damn ratings up!
    • If you don't know your score, you should.  We are judged just as you the rider are. Don't wait a week to rate your driver, do it right after your ride (if you can't grasp this or don't have time---remember, you aren't that important.  If you are riding with a 4.5 or lower, you need to work on it.  Its not just 1 ride that gave you that rating, it was multiple.  It boils down to respect. We respect you, you do the same for us.
  • Don't back seat drive!
    • Some of us have been driving for more time than you have been alive. Again show some respect.  If you want to go somewhere and you know a particular route, tell the driver at the beginning.  Don't wait til your driving and then make demands.  Its silly.
  • Don't be an underage rider!
    • Look I know that your kids have to be at school or they need a ride for practice, but I have news for you...  Listen up!  We CANNOT drive your children.  If they are under the age of 18, they MUST be accompanied by a LEGAL GUARDIAN or parent. No exceptions. If you look under 18 and your driver cards you, don't be pissed when he doesn't give you a ride. We are NOT covered by Rideshare insurance if we get into any sort of accident. It will automatically fall on our personal insurance and there will be major consequences ( cancellation of insurance or worse cancellation of driving privileges)  Don't Ask if we can make an exception this time.  Take your kids to school and pick them up.  You are a parent for damn sake, Act like one!  If your kids ask for your credit card for Uber or Lyft, please do not give it to them as that is negligence on your part.
Make ride share good for all of us. Drivers and passengers alike.  Know the rules and be courteous.  And the final request---DON'T slam the doors!!!!

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment