About Chad

Things that you may not know:
  • I am an Inter-Faith minister.
    • I can perform ceremonies for people of different faiths.
    • I have performed 13 ceremonies to date and love being part of such a special day. 
  • I love to sing, in public and private, but mostly karaoke or in my car
  • I had 3 wonderful kitties, 
    • Pepper: my maine coon
    • Tigher: my talker calico
    • Precious: my needy tuxedo.  
  • I was married for almost 2 years-no children
  • When i was married I had two labs,
    • Loki-black
    • Jasmine-chocolate (she was my baby)
  • I was born in La Jolla, CA but have lived in: 
    • Mississippi, 
    • Florida (both the panhandle and middle-state)
    • Colorado (4 years)
    • Australia (2 months)
    • Bali (1 month)
    • India (3 months)
  • I am an only child
  • I enjoy public speaking and educating people on 
    • Health
    • Self Realization/empowerment
    • Technology (Social media, trends in social media and what's out there)
      • I am great at guiding people.  I am not, nor ever will be a guru, I do however have an amazing grasp of the human condition. Suffering comes from within.
  • I meditate at least 20 minutes a day
  • I don't like Brussel sprouts
  • I could not grow a beard to save humanity.

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If you need to talk or discuss life, never, ever hesitate to reach out to me for anything. I believe in the connections of the universe and it is our friendships and connections that get us through some of our roughest times.

May you have a blessed day.

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