My husband Justin and I used Chad as our wedding officiant on 10-7-18 at Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego and he was awesome! We highly recommend Chad for all of the categories listed here - responsiveness, quality of service, value, professionalism and flexibility, all 5 stars! Chad was very easy to work with and very quick to respond. My husband and I wanted an easy, quick and light-hearted ceremony that was still very meaningful for our special day, Chad delivered exactly that. Thanks so much Chad, we were very pleased, as were our guests!

~Erika & Justin Pearce: October 7, 2018

Chad was great in all aspects. He provided laughs and also left everyone at ease. I highly recommend Chad. Chad was also kind enough to join our family and friends the day before.

~Moses & Rhea Lueth: July 20, 2018

“Chad was our officiant for our wedding, not only did he travel out of town for us he made the whole experience relaxing and memorable. He made me feel at ease and the wedding went smoothly. I would highly recommend him!”

~ Brandon and Jessica: October 24, 2014

“We hired Chad for our wedding on October 4th, 2014 in Solana Beach, Ca. He was extremely easy to work with and we absolutely loved having him officiate our wedding. We actually had people come up to us later thinking that he was a family friend officiating the wedding for us. He is extremely professional and priced very reasonably for his services. We had to reschedule our preliminary before the wedding meeting a few times and ended up not being able to meet with him in person and it wasn’t even a concern as he was so great with follow up and calls! My husband and I both wanted a very non-denominational or religious related wedding and he was more than happy to do that without hesitation. I would highly recommend Chad Bordes as an officiant to anyone out there looking!”

~ Nathan and Sara: October 4, 2014

“My husband Matt and I used Chad as our officiant when we got married. He was so great! I can’t even describe how his words were so perfect to express how I feel about my now husband. He even gave us a copy of our vows to keep and I read through them every now and then and We still get teary eyed. Thanks so much for being such a big part of our day, Chad!!”

~ Matt & Allison: July 19, 2008

“We are so glad we chose Chad. He was our next door neighbor and we always found him so delightful to talk to and so friendly. When he told us that he performed weddings, it became obvious to Eli and I that he should perform our wedding as well. He was professional, funny, and light all at the same time. We are so thankful that he performed our ceremony and we got the added bonus of him photographing our special day as well.”

~ Stacie & Eli: March 15, 2008

“Chad was the perfect fit for our unconventional day. He was so patient and helpful in setting up our wonderful evening. He truly listened to what we had to say and incorporated our vows and our feel into the wedding. His personality is amazing and he had a calming effect on both my husband and I on our “stress” free day. I would highly recommend using Chad for your day. He helped us create the most amazing, and memorable experience that we will never forget”

~ Kris & Evelise: August 19, 2007

“Full disclosure- Chad is a friend of ours. But please don’t let our bias be taken as favoritism. Chad was with us when we went on one of our first dinners together, so it seemed only natural that 3 years later we would ask him to be the officiant at our wedding. We were so glad we did. Chad was professional and fun, relaxed and accommodating. We explained what we wanted, and he tailored the ceremony exactly the way we hoped for. We really appreciated all he did. Thanks Chad!”

~ Dave and Tiffany: March 14, 2007

“We were very pleased with our choice in Chad. Our gathering was small and intimate and we wanted someone we liked and trusted. Chad did an amazing job at the rehearsal getting everyone organized and helping them remember what to do as well as where to be. Chad has a great demeanor and got along with everyone in our party. I would HIGHLY recommend him for your special day.”

~ Jeremy & Dawn: June 24, 2006

“Chad Bordes was the perfect choice to officiate our wedding. He wanted to create a ceremony unique to who we are. In order to get a feel for our energy as a couple, he spent time with us on a night out, as well as with us individually, to ask questions. He was professional, and kind. He made us feel like our day was as important to him as it was for us. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

~ Matt & Arti: September 17, 2005

“Chad was the best choice. We had met several other officiants that didn’t have is passion and energy. He drove all the way up from San Diego a few months before the wedding and discussed the day, how many people would be there, and most importantly how we met and what drew Ryan and I together. He also wrangled us all in for the rehearsal, which I was really impressed with. I was skeptical at first because I had only met Chad a few times before through work, however after having dinner and him really learning about us, Ryan and I knew it was the perfect choice. Our families loved his energy, his smile and his can do attitude. He helped make our big day amazing.”

~ Ryan & Tara: November 15, 2003

“Chad was such a good friend and co worker that it made obvious sense to have him officiate our wedding. We had a small ceremony with close friends and family. We found a church close to where we lived and we were blessed to have Chad officiate our big day. He was so funny and calming to me and my entire family that my Mom decided to use him when she remarried. I would highly recommend Chad. My husband and I have no regrets.”

~ Brian and Diana: March 23, 2002

“Chad was a blessing in disguise. We had 2 of our officiants back out. My wife is catholic and I am not and we couldn’t find anyone to perform the ceremony, even outside of the church. We found Chad through a work connection and he gladly offered his services. He met with us and stayed in constant contact the entire month and delivered an amazing ceremony. What’s really amazing is we were his first client and my wife and I had no clue until after the ceremony! His delivery was spot on and my wife and I were so glad we found him.”

~ Dennis & Daniella: December 15, 2001



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