Chad Bordes

I am a solutions driven expert. I am here to help!

As a lover of humanity, Chad Bordes combines an avid intellect with a keen understanding of human nature. He helps you eliminate the bullshit & thrive

Tech & Computer Services

Whether you want to get "technically organized", need suggestions on your next smart phone or computer or just want some education on the differences between your device and a new device (computer or otherwise), I would be happy to help.  I am a tech nerd and everyone from beginners to intermediate computer & phone services ask for my help. I can offer broad support or very detailed depending on your needs.  There is no tech job that I am afraid of, and If I can't do it, I will find someone who can.

Technical Support/Consulting (Per Hour)
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Technical Support/Consulting (Monthly)

4 two hour sessions per month (2 per week). This is not a subscription and phone calls are considered a session :-)

If you need more than 4 sessions, please let me know and I will be happy to customize a plan just right for you!

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